Department of Tashreehul Badan

Tashreehul Badan

Dept. data last updated on :24/01/2023

Department of Tashreehul Badan was established after bifurcation from the department of Tashreeh wa Munafeul Aza in December, 2011, to fulfill the requirement of Central Council of Indian Medicine (CCIM) which has now changed to National commission for Indian system of medicine (NCISM). At present, there are three Teaching and four Non-Teaching Employees in the Department. The aim of establishment of the Department is to better the teaching & training of the subject 'Tashreehul Badan' to B.U.M.S students and to start Post Graduation in the subject. The teaching of discipline at under graduate level provides information and details of the basic structure of the human body. Like other systems of medicine, Unani system has its own theory and philosophy. It has its own concept of evolution and development of a disease. For successful treatment it is necessary to study the normal structure & functions of the body. Tashreehul Badan is a subject which deals with the normal structures, its relations, shape, size, development and provides a path to understand the basic functions of the human body.

Being the most basic subject, the significance of Tashreehul Badan is quite obvious, unconcealed & indisputable and it has enhanced & magnified many folds within around the last five decades or so.

As the knowledge of Tashreehul Badan has now expanded enormously, it is 
now being utilized as a direct tool in technical, diagnostic & therapeutic procedure to manage various 

Presently only the knowledge of main & prominent features of Tashreehul Badan is imparted to undergraduate Unani Students due to limited and inadequate time, yet it plays important role in the training of the B.U.M.S. students in understanding various subjects viz. physiology, pathology, Moalejat, surgery etc. along with adoption of modern technological advancements. The department is also giving good research outputs with its faculty members getting papers published in journals of repute as well as representing the department in various National and International conferences. The faculty members have also authored many reference and text books. The department is on its way to start a 36 months post graduate program- M.S. in Tashreehul Badan real soon.