Department of Dermatology

Seminar/conference/workshop Events

Dept. data last updated on :04/07/2022
Combined Clinical Meeting was held on the following dates presented by the faculty members of the Department of Dermatology, JNMC, AMU:-

1. Bleed to Heal: A novel therapy for Non-Healing Ulcers (held on 11.10.2018) 

2. The Mite-y Millions: A rare case of erythroderma in an elderly female (held on 22.03.2018) 

3. Death by prescription: Life threatening skin rash in a young female (held on 05.10.2017) 

4. Erythromelanosis Follicularis Faciei et colli associated with Generalized Keratosis Pilaris- A rare Co-existence 

    (held on 04.05.2015) 

5. A case of Urticaria Pigmentosa (held on 13.11.2014) 

6. A case of S.J. Syndrome (held on 17.04.2014)