Department of Microbiology

Thrust Area

Dept. data last updated on :25/05/2023


1. Bacterial drug resistance (ESBL, AmpC, MBL, MRSA, HLAR)

2. Malaria drug resistance detection (Phenotypic and genotypic)

3. Immunology of hepatitis B virus infection (overt and occult)

4. Fungal infections including Mucormycosis and their immunology

5. Nanotechnology: Green synthesis, Antimicrobial properties, and toxicity of nanoparticles in animal model.

6. Drug resistance in HIV

7. Early detection of Multidrug resistance tuberculosis

8. Prevalence and immunology of leptospira

9. Genotyping of HBV and Dengue

10. Study on prevalence of SEN & TTV viruses.

11. Parasitic immunology

12. Line Probe Assay for Mycobacterium tuberculosis

13. SARS CoV-2 Testing and Research

14. Evaluation of Antibody Response and Vaccines against COVID-19