Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Grants and Funding

Dept. data last updated on :03/11/2022

In a collaborative SERB-DST Project,

 In a collaborative SERB-DST Project, entitled “Assessment and comparison of bone marker levels and bone density in PCOS subject with or without Chronic Periodontitis before and after non-surgical periodontal therapy”, at Department of Periodontics & Community Dentistry, Dr. Z. A. Dental College, AMU, Aligarh, Rs.800000/-received in 2018 by SERB-DST.

Projects Running under Prof. Seema Hakim

Projects Running under Prof. Seema Hakim

  1. In REGIONAL RESOURCE TRAINING CENTRE (RRTC) Project at N Medical College & Hospital, AMU, Aligarh, Rs.2608996/- received in 2017 as Ist
    instalment of total Grant by IHAT.


1. Name of the Programme : Emergency Obstetric Care Program (EmOC) .

Funding Agency : FOGSI-GOI.

Fund : Depend on the Number of Medical Officer participate in the training and Rs. 13824/- as

Administrative charges for the Programme per batch of Eight Medical Officer.

Manpower Provided : Nodal Officer of the Programme.

2. Name of the Programme : Basic Emergency Obstetrics Care Training Programme (BEmOC).

Funding Agency : Govt. of U.P.

Fund : Rs. 13,11,100/- to train 74 Medical Officers in 7 Batches.

Manpower Provided : Not Provided.

3. Name of the Programme : Janani Suraksha Yojna (JSY)

Funding Agency : NRHM, UP.

Fund : Rs. 1,37,750 including the salary of Computer Operator Rs. 90000/- per year in 2013-14.

Manpower Provided : One Computer Operator.

4. Name of the Programme : Urban Health Initiative.

Funding Agency : Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, USA.

Fund : Not Provided.

Manpower provided :Two Counsellors and One Nurse.

5. Name of the Programme : Prevention of Parent to Child Transmission of HIV.

Funding Agency : Govt. of U.P. (UPSAC).

Fund : Rs. 71,858 in 2013-14 for consumables and Computer Maintenance etc,

Manpower Provided- : One Counsellor & One Lab Technician.

6. Name of the Programme : Suraksha Clinic

Funding Agency : Govt. of U.P. ( UPSAC),

Fund : Rs. 30,000/- in 2013 for Consumables and Computer Maintenance.

Manpower Provided : One Counsellor.

7. Name of the Programme : India Maternal Health Initiative .

Funding Agency : Jiv Daya Foundation , USA.

Fund : Rs. 29,25,400/- including salary of the Manpower.

Manpower Provided : One Medical Officer, Two Nurse Cum Data Manager & One Data Entry Operator.