Department of Pathology

Eminent Speakers

Dept. data last updated on :13/03/2023


  1. Prof.Vinay kumar ,Alice Hogge and Author Baer Professor,Executive Vice Dean,Biological Sciences Division and The Pritzker Medical School ,University of Chicago,Chicago,IL,USA.
  2. Dr Ashraf Khan , Professor, USA
  3. Dr Kamran Khan, Additional/ Acting Consultant, Saudia Arabia
  4. Prof. Manoj Singh, ( dermapath CME)Dermapathology society of India.
  5. Dr. Mithelesh Chandra(dermapath CME),Dermapathology society of India.
  6. Dr. Rajeev Sharma(dermapath CME)
  7. Dr.Shruti Bhargava(dermapath CME)
  8. Prof. Riyaz Mehdi, Consultant Hematologist, Era's Medical College, UP. Topic: Myelodysplastic Syndrome dated 16.01.2014
  9. Dr. Manu Jain, Weill Cornell Medical College, New York, USA. Topic: Towards in vivo Microscopy. Dated: 24.03.2014
  10. Prof Rana Sherwani professor of pathology was invited by Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University, Dhaka (Bangladesh)as an international consultant for improving histopathology servicesin Bangladesh from 23rd Aug to 6th sept,2014 under the project "Establishment of National Centre for cervical and Breast Cancer Screening and Training at BSMMU".
  11. Dr Hasan Rizvi,Consultant Pathologist ,Bart Health NHS trust London,Associate Director,Postgraduate Medical and Dental Education ,UCL Partners London,UK.
  12. Prof Ravi Mehrotra ,Director Institute of Cytology and Preventive Oncology(ICPO), UP,India.
  13. Dr Shakeel Akhtar,Specialist Anatomic Pathologist ,NMC Hospital ,Dubai,UAE.
  14. Dr Jamal A Khan ,Optimum Medical center LLC,Sharjah,UAE.
  15. Prof Sanjay Bedi, MM Institute of Medical Sciences Haryana, India
  16. Dr Andleeb Abrari, Senior Consultant and co-ordinator -Histopathology,Max Health care Limited,New Delhi,India.
  17. Dr Bareena Aqeel, USA 
  18. Dr Gaurav Gupta, Consultant transfusion medicine, USA 
  19.  Topic: Lecture Neuro Pathology by Dr. Ravindra Kumar Sharan, Deptt. of pathology MAMC New Delhi dated.


Topic: Lecture on GI Pathology by Dr. Kavita More, Deptt. of Pathology MAMC New Delhi dated. 20.08.2017

Topic; Clinico Pathological, Morphologic & Immunophenotypic characterization of serrated adenomas in comparison

with hyperplastic colorectal polyps Guest Speaker: Prof. Qazi S Azhar, Associate clinical Professor, Michigan state

University Michigan USA dated. 21.10.2017

Topic: FRCPath Training Workshop by Dr. Hasan Rizvi, Head of Service/Clinical Lead, Cellular Pathology, Barts

Health NHS Trust, London (UK) dated 21th 22th December 2017

Dr. Asgar H.Naqvi: Topic.Cytology and Molecular Testing:A Pulmonary Perspective and some recent advances .Dated

24th December 2018.