Department of Radiotherapy


Dept. data last updated on :21/03/2023


The department was created on 01.07.1993 consequent to the bifurcation of erstwhile department of Radiology into Department of Radiotherapy and Radio diagnosis.


* Cobalt Teletherapy machine and 2D Computerized Treatment Planning System(TPS) were commissioned in August 1997 by Special Grant of Rs.1.5 crore under National Cancer Control Program, Ministry of Health, Govt. of India.


* Remote Afterloading High Dose Rate HDR Brachytherapy equipment with Cobalt source (Saginova) installed and commissioned in the  in Oct. 2020  replacing the Iridium based Microselectron HDR. The Brachytherapy complex has a well equipped minor operation theatre for Brachytherapy procedures. Cases being referred for treatment from Hospitals like: Safdarjung Hospital, Delhi State Cancer Institute(DSCI), S.N.Medical College Agra, L.N.J.P. Hospital, LLR Medical College, Meerut in addition to our own patients & from districts adjoining Aligarh.


* 40 bedded cancer ward built from the special grant received under Common Minimum Programme, Govt. of India in 2009.

* Building to house High Energy Linear Accelerator built under PMSSY


Facilities available in the department are:


* Theratron 780C Teletherapy unit

* Brachytherapy HDR Remote After loading unit (Saginova)

* 3D Computerised Treatment Planning System (Oncentra 3D for Tele and Brachy, Sagiplan)

* Comprehensive Mould Room

* Day Care for Chemotherapy administration (Ward-14)

* Colposcopy facility for early detection of cervical cancers

* 40 bedded cancer ward.

* Panacea Imagin X-ray Simulator