Department of Sociology


Dept. data last updated on :16/10/2021

The Department of Sociology was created in 1967 with undergraduate teaching programme. Postgraduate teaching and research facilities were introduced in 1970. Initially, the female students studying in Women's College at the undergraduate level were deprived of the opportunity of studying Sociology. The demand for this subject by female students and the desire to provide equal opportunity to them led to the introduction of Sociology at the undergraduate level in the Women's College in 1986.


Department of Sociology introduced a two-year Master of Social Work (MSW) course in 1994-95. Then, the department became Department of Sociology and Social Work. However, from January 2013, the Department of Sociology and Department of Social Work are two separate departments in the Faculty of Social Sciences. Department of Sociology offers Under Graduate (Honours as well as Subsidiary Courses), Post Graduate, M. Phil. and Ph. D. Courses. Students from all over the country and even abroad are enrolled under various courses in the department at different levels. A good number of foreign nationals are pursuing their research in this department.


Department of Sociology got the University Grants Commission (UGC) awarded DRS-I Programme in 2011. The thrust areas under the DRS-I Programme are Globalization, Development and Health with greater emphasis upon Muslims and marginalised communities.


A large number of Sociology students are well placed in different universities and organisations in India and abroad. Faculty members are seriously engaged in research and publication. Several research projects have been completed by the faculty members in different capacities.


The department has shifted to a new building of Faculty of Social Sciences (Second and Third Floors, Block-2) in March 2014. The department has got its own class rooms, seminar hall and chambers for faculty members in the new building.