Department of Sociology


Dept. data last updated on :01/06/2023

About the Department

The Department of Sociology was established in 1967. Since then the department has grown manifolds. The University Grants Commission (UGC) has recognized the department for Special Assistance Program (SAP) – DRS-I with the theme ‘Globalization Health and Development’ in 2009, which is elevated to DRS-II in 2018-2023.

Being the department of national repute and integral part of internationally acclaimed educational institution (Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh), the department of Sociology admits students to its programs of studies - Graduate, Post-graduate and Ph.D. from all over the country. Most of the enrolled students belong to marginalized and minority communities, backward areas and distant states. In addition, students from foreign countries are admitted in the department.

The department is housed in a splendid, disable friendly building having elaborate infrastructural facilities consisting of 04 lecture theatres, well-furnished air conditioned seminar library with about 8000 books, computers with LAN/Wi-Fi facilities, separate seating space for all faculty members, research scholars and visiting faculty and separate washrooms for male and female.

The department frequently invites distinguished scholars as members of Board of Studies, for delivering extramural lectures, participation in seminars, workshops and orientation programs. Some of the renowned scholars who visited the department include Prof. Yogendra Singh, Prof. T.K Oomen, Prof. Andre Beteille, Prof. Imyiaz Ahmad, Prof. Vinay Kumar Srivastava, Prof. Prabhat Patnaik, Prof. Satish Deshpande, Prof. Vivek Kumar, Prof. Kumar Suresh, Prof. Mohini Anjum, Prof. Surinder Singh Jodhka, Prof. Hilal Ahmed, Prof. A.K Joshi, Prof. Kameshwar Choudhary, Prof. Ehsanul Haq, Prof. V. Raghavan and many others.

All faculty members, irrespective of their status, equally participate in academic programs and administrative work through a system of consultation and committees. Apart from regular teaching and supervising Ph.D. scholars, all teachers are constantly engaged in research activities, resulting in publication of a large number of books, monographs, articles and reports in different fields of sociology.

Major areas of teaching and research are: Sociology of Religion, Sociology of Minorities, Sociology of Health, Sociology of Marginalized Communities, Social Anthropology, Environmental Sociology, Criminology, Gerontology, and Population Studies.

The department has produced innumerable scholars, administrators, professionals, social and political activists.

Vision and Mission of the Department


  • To provide quality interdisciplinary education and training through fieldwork, writings, discussions and research.

  • To focus on areas relevant to the empowerment of marginalized communities, public health, globalization, development and fostering of inclusive society.

  • To prepare students for bringing about transformative change in social groups, and communities through knowledge of social forces and humanistic values.


  • To develop as a Centre for Advanced Studies (CAS).

  • To impart and create knowledge in collaboration with national and international institutions.

  • To promote scientific temper, self reliance and employability.