Prof. Mohd Azam Haseen

    MCh CTVS




    Beating heart CABG, minimally invasive cardio-thoracic surgery & pediatric cardiac surgery


    G- 3,4th Floor,Al Hamd Apartment ,Sir Syed Nagar,Aligarh- 202002




Dr. Mohd Azam Haseen did his initial education from St. Joseph ,Kanpur .Did his MBBS and MS(Surgery)  from J.N. Medical College ,AMU , Aligarh . Due to keen interest in Cardiac surgery he joined MCh Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery at VMMC & Safdarjung Hospital and after completing his residency joined Max Saket DDF as Attending Consultant Pediatric Cardiac surgery and worked along with Dr K.S. Dagar and assisted him in entire range of pediatric  Cardiac surgeries like Switch, Rastelli , Fontan and other complex surgeries . Due to interest in academics and desire to serve his alma matter, Joined department of cardiothoracic surgery as Assistant Professor and presently he is working as Professor & chairperson. He was the founder member of department and has actively participated in growth of department and started cardiac surgery and Vascular surgery at J.N. Medical college .Has been excellent orator and has won several awards at national conferences. His Fields of interest are beating heart coronary artery bypass surgery(OPCAB) ,minimally invasive cardio-thoracic surgery and pediatric cardiac surgery. He has Published more than 35 papers in reputed journals like Heart lung circulation, Indian journal of thoracic and cardiovascular surgery, Indian Journal of chest diseases and Allied sciences and Indian journal of pharmacology among others. Has deep interest in developing cardiac surgery in JNMC, AMU and starting Mch CTVS programme in the department.

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carcinoma esophagus
carcinoma Lung
Management of empyema thoracis/Pyothorax
Esophageal stricture
lung abscess
management of Acute Limb ischemia
Mediastinal tumors
pediatric cardiac surgery
perfusion in Children
prevention of cardiovascular diseases
management of Chronic limb ischemia
thoracic outlet syndrome
thoracic trauma