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Instructions for Book Bank Membership



Instructions for Book Bank Membership

1-  If interested students want to borrow the books from Book Bank University Polytechnic. They have to come to the Library once during working hours with Rs.50/- (for newly admitted Students) and 15% cost of the book each.

2- 15% cost of books or total amount shall be calculated at the time of issuing the books.

3- The calculated amount may vary due to the difference between new or old editions of books.

4- Documents such as;

        I- Copy of Admission Card/Continuation Card

        II- Fee Slip

        III- Passport Size Coloured Photo 

        IV-Address Proof should be attached with Membership Card.

5- Membership Card will be availed by Library University Polytechnic free of cost.

6- If you have some other queries you may contact us through WhatsApp on: 





Who can become the members of Book Bank ?

            Book Bank is entirely for the benefits of the students of Diploma in Engineering and Advance Diploma in Food Technology University Polytechnic, A.M.U. Aligarh.

Which Books will be issued ?

            A complete set of recommended books for each academic year will be issued to the students from Book Bank.

What is the charge of hiring the books from Book Bank?

            A student can become a member of the Book Bank on payment of Rs.50/- as a membership fee once in three years. Books will be issued on submission of Cashier’s receipt of 15% of the total cost of book(s), which is the hire charge of book (s) for one session only.

When will the books be returned to the Book Bank?

            All books shall be returned within 10 days or as announced by the Hony. Librarian after the examination is over.

When will the fine be imposed?

            If the books are not returned in time, a fine of 50 paisa/- per day per book for one month after that 1/- per day per book shall be charged until the book(s) is/are returned. The fine/cost of books shall be deposited in cash with the Cashier Principal’s Office. The maximum fine shall be the cost of the book.

What will happen if borrowed books are marked, defaced, spoiled, or damaged?

            In case the book(s) have been marked, defaced, spoiled, or damaged, the Librarian or his/her nominee shall either impose a fine or charge the cost of book/Books, and the defaced book shall either be returned to the member or submitted with a fine. In later cases, the book shall be returned to the member.

Who will be responsible for the books?

            The responsibility for the proper custody of the book(s) is of the member concerned.



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