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Standard Operating Procedure

Library University Polytechnic welcomes its user after filling the entries in the Visitor’s Log Book kept at the entrance of the Library.

Book Issue and Return Policy of Book Bank in University

For Student:

            Teachers recommended the books of their syllabus to the Library. As per recommendations the books are purchased. In their First-year, students are given membership at the nominal rate of Rs. 50/-

            To a member of Book Bank, books are provided at the charge of 15% of the cost of the book. These books are given for one session (1 year), to be returned within 10 days of their final exams. 

The staff of University Polytechnic

            The interested permanent employee (Non-Teaching) of the University Polytechnic can get the membership of the library after filling up a membership form duly attested by the respective In-charge and allowed by Principal. The form is available at the circulation counter.

For Reading Room:

            Open in all Working hours. in lieu of their ID card, books from Library are provided to read in the reading room of Library University Polytechnic only.

Faculty Members (Regular/Permanent):

            12 cards are provided to the interested permanent staff member (Teaching) for their entire service duration. In case of loss/damage, the concerned person has to bear the cost of the book issued against the cards (based on cost assessment by    Maulana Azad Library) or has to submit the latest edition of the book.

Procedure for Library Membership 

For Student:

            A form available at the circular counter (free of cost) may be filled up offline by students for renewal and fresh membership. The filled-up form with attachment of necessary documents has to be submitted along with a passport size latest coloured photograph in Library at Circulation counter after duly attested by the Principal/Provost of the respective Halls during working hours from 8.30 AM to 4.00 P.M.

Procedure for Selection, Acquisition & Processing of Books

I. Selection of Books:

            The selection of the books is based on the suggestions/requests received from the faculty members, Hony. Librarian may also recommend/select some books based on book reviews etc. Books/ Textbooks are recommended in the different syllabi of the courses. Requests are received in the prescribed format of in-charges of different sections, through the online link provided on the Library Web page/E- mail/by hand. The purchase committee prepares a consolidated list after checking the available budget for the purchase of books, as the Budget is the most important component in document selection. Then the list is checked from the Library Catalogue/OPAC to ensure avoidance of duplication. This list is finally approved by the purchase committee.

II. Funds:

            There is a separate fund of Library/Book Bank University Polytechnic which is realized from Students issuing membership fees and Text Book as study material for a session.

          The realized income is deposited on the same day in SBI, AMU Account under allotted Code Number from A/C Section AMU.

            This fund of Book Bank is utilized by the Principal/Hony. Librarian according to the need and especially purchasing of Books for Book Bank with emphasis on the overall requirement and updating the new issues of Books.

III. Ordering

            As per the requirement of faculty members, as described earlier, the list of books for purchasing is prepared. This list is placed before the purchase committee of Library/Book bank as annexure-1. when the purchase committee finalizes the list of same is sent to Maulana Azad Library for purchasing of Books from the funds of Books Bank University Polytechnic. The rest of the process of purchasing is commanding the staff of Maulana Azad Library as per rules prescribed

IV. Bill Processing:

            The bill (s) of purchase of books is not processed until and unless the books are received from the Maulana Azad Library. Once the books are received in the Library University Polytechnic, the book(s) are physically checked for any defect in printing, wrong pagination, torn pages, etc. If any default is found, then in such cases those books are returned to Maulana Azad Library for replacement.

            The books are also verified with the order list such as Author, title, edition – number/Indian /Foreign, paperback. The bills received from the vendors are thoroughly verified & checked for price verification, All the relevant information is verified by the Principal/Hony. Librarian and then send to returned back  Maulana Azad Library for payment.

V. Accessioning:

            The books are accessioned in the Accession Register. The Accession Register is the    Permanent record in the Library about each document forming part of its collection. Entry for each book is made in the Accession Register which has all the relevant details of a book such as the name of the author, title, publisher, year of the publication, cost of the book, vendor, etc. and this/these accession numbers is/are entered on the books and bills, which is verified by the Hony. Librarian.

Payment of Bills

            Book(s) once accessioned, the bill(s) are processed by the Section Officer (Account) of Principal Office forwarded by Hony. Librarian and return to the Maulana Azad Library Account Office for Payment.

Selection Process of Journals

            The M.A. Library sends the letters to LIBRARY UNI. POLY. Journal’s list and previous fund allocation. Faculty Members may recommend the journal titles according to UGC guidelines from their area of subjects/specialization and submit them to the head of the department or to the concerned authority.

Returning of Books (in case of not returned on time)

             If the books are not returned in time, a fine of 50 paisa/- per day per book for one month after that 1/- per day per book shall be charged until the book(s) is/are returned. The fine/cost of books shall be deposited in cash with the Library  University Polytechnic head of the account. The maximum fine shall be the cost of the book. The deposit slip is pasted in the cash book and this is verified by Hony’ Librarian and Principal University Polytechnic.

Consumable Items/ Stationary

         The stationary and consumable items are provided by the principal office for official purposes only as per the requirement of the Libray

Weeding out Obsolete Books

            The old edition of Books is weeded out after an interval. For this, Library Purchase  Committee is set up headed by The Principal, Hony Librarian University Polytechnic, Librarian/Representative of Maulana Azad Library, and all Committee Members. Further, the proposal is sent to a higher authority.

Maintenance of Record

            The Library/Book Bank University Polytechnic also maintains some specific registers of permanent and non-permanent records for ex. Accession Register, Books Issuing Register (Student and Staff), Cash Book, etc.

Source of Conveying Information

            A notice board has been put outside for new updates and notice about Library/Book Bank the same is also uploaded on the webpage of Library.


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