Building Department

The Subcommittee of Building Committee

Sub-committee of the Building Committee

       A sub-committee of the Building Committee has been formed vide D.No. F.sub-Committee/Building Committee/DS/261. dated 17.08.2019. The Sub-committee of Building Committee shall comprise of following members

1. Registrar                                                                                          Ex-Officio-Member

2. Officer-on-Special Duty (Development)                                      Ex-Officio-Member

3. Finance Officer                                                                               Ex-Officio-Member

4. Member-in-Charge (Building Deptt.)                                          Chairman

5. Associate Member-in-Charge (Building Deptt.)                               Member

6. Chairman of Civil Engineering Deptt.                                         Member

7. Chairman of Architectural Engg. Deptt.                                     Member

8. Coordinator, AMU Centres.            

9. University Engineer (Building Department )                              Convener

          Committee shall scrutinize and approve the proposals of site selection, provision of works, conceptual planning (submitted by Architect) and other matters of importance related with the work allocated to CPWD, Building Department under 11th Plan and others. The University Engineer shall work under the overall guidance of Chairman of the Subcommittee of the Building Committee and report its recommendation in the respective item of works (approved by UGC/University) or separately as the case may be for consideration of Building Committee. The Subcommittee shall be convened as and when required to take prompt decisions in the issues put before the Committee.