Building Department

The Works Committee

Works Committee

In order to avoid delay in processing of award of routine works, a Works Committee comprising of the following is constituted which may finalize the tenders and recommend award of work.

1.     Registrar,

2.     Finance Officer or his representative,

3.     OSD (Development) or his representative,

4.     MIC (Electricity),

5.     University Engineer  (Convener).

The functions and powers of the Works Committee, which will be a Subcommittee of the Building Committee, shall be as under:

1.     To consider the tenders received for routine works and award / reject the tender on the basis of comparative statement, market rates analysis and past performance of the contractor.

2.     The recommendations of the Works Committee shall be submitted to the Vice-Chancellor through the Registrar for approval on behalf of the Building Committee and shall be reported in the Building Committee.

The tenders of major projects shall be considered and the work will be awarded by the Building Committee.