Committee Members

List of the Committee Members of the KASHISH

Dr. Nadeem Akhtar Tarin
Mobile No-
Email Id-

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Prof. MM. Sufyan Beg (Chairman AAC)
Mobile No-9999071406
Email Id- mmsbeg@cs.berkeley.edu

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Prof. Anwar Khursheed (Vice-Chairman AAC)
Mobile No-9319077764
Email Id- akhursheed@rediffmail.com

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Prof. Tamkin Khan 
Mobile No-9412485219
Email Id- tamkinrabbani@gmail.com

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Prof. Salma Shaheen 
Mobile No-9634016650
Email Id- salmashaheen.amu@gmail.com

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Dr. Faiza Abbasi 
Mobile No-9760011520
Email Id- faeza.abbasi@gmail.com

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