University Health Services



    • Patients report Casualty Section.

    • They are immediately attended by the doctor on duty.

    • They get first aid and are admitted as per the clinical condition of the patient.

    • They are provided medicines/injections/I.V fluid the case may be

    • If the patient needs any specialized care OR his/her clinical condition demands, he/she is referred to Medical College, AMU.


    • Student patient will report at Reception Counter, where his treatment card is made (1-2 mins.)

    • They consult the Doctor in OPD Chamber (usually takes 5 mins.)

    • They go to Laboratory if any investigation is advised by the doctor. (1-5 mins), report of investigation is available by the end of OPD hours.

    • They get medicine from the dispensary counter (1-3 mins)

    • They can report to casualty / emergency after OPD hours from (8:00 am-2:00 pm.) in case of any medical Emergency.

    • If they require any specialty consultation, they are referred to Medical College/Dental College, AMU.


      • Patient enters the lab with face mask.

      • He/she is seated and asked to relax.

      • Before withdrawing the blood sample, local part/intravenous site is thoroughly cleaned with spirit.

      • Blood Sample is slowly withdrawn by disposable syringe after applying the tourniquet.

      • Tourniquet is released and the syringe is taken out from the venous site. Injected site is pressed and   properly seen with sterilized cotton

      • Blood Withdrawn is immediately transferred to the appropriate vial.

      • Desired investigation is carried out.

      • Final report is thoroughly checked, cross checked, signed and handed over to the patient attendant / medical staff as the case may be.