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Dept. data last updated on :15/03/2023

Architecture section, University Polytechnic is going to organize two days literary /Cultural festival on 27th and 28th of June 2022 as per the given schedule

DAY I:   27-06-2022 -  SESSION 01 – 8:30 AM to 1:00 PM


v    Inauguration by Principal, University Polytechnic


v    Golden words of motivation by Sponsor (Dr. Lenin Raghuvanshi) Founder & CEO PVCHR   on the topic “Awareness toward Children nutrition’s   Right through packaged food”.


v    Golden words of motivation by Sponsor (Mr. Latafat), CEO – Roshan Group.


v       Poster making Competition


v       Collage making  Competition


Topics for Poster/Collage/Futuristic Interiors Designs


1.     Life during COVID (Impact and Lessons learnt).

2.     Nature and Environment.

3.     Historical Monuments.

4.     Modern Famous buildings.

5.     Futuristic Interior Designs in Residential and commercial buildings.

Lead by         :           Ar. Huma Matloob

Judges           :           Dr. Mohammad Sohrab and Ar. Anwar Hussian

Anchors        :           Ms. Mayeda Qavi / Ms Khadija Safri

DAY I:   27-06-2022 -  SESSION 02 - 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Quiz Competition is mandatory for Each and every student to participate.


Areas/Topics for Quiz Competition


1.     NATA Syllabus covering history /services /Technical Drawing Famous Architects /Building etc.

2.     Current  Affairs

3.     Science and Engineering

4.     AMU (Past and Present)

5.     Post Independence architecture &development in India

Note: Quiz competition will be held in groups having minimum four members per

Group. Rest of the details will be briefed before the starting of the

           Quiz competition.



Lead by         :           Ar. Zeeshan Ahmad Ansari & Syed Shoeb Ayub

Judges           :           Dr. Asif Ali and Dr. Mohammad Arif Kamal

Anchors        :           Ms. Mayeda Qavi/ Ms Khadija Safri


DAY 2:   28-06-2022 –SESSION 01 -  8:30 am to 1.00 pm

Open Mic / Cultural Activities - Speeches

Topics for speech:

1). Motivational

2). Academic (student life, teachers etc)

3). Architecture /Engineering

4). Amu contribution in promoting education, Journey from the beginning,

      Achievements, famous personalities etc.

5). Azadi ka Amrit Mahostav

6). India’s Role in combating COVID at National and Global level


Cultural Activities:

v Solo and Duet Singing (covering songs, Qawalis, Naat etc).

v Mimicry

v Skit

v Poetry ( Urdu, Hindi, English)

v Stand-Up Comedy



Lead by         :           Suhail Siddiqui /M Faseeh Alam

Judges           :           Ar. Huma Matloob and Ar. Zeeshan Ahmad Ansari

Anchors        :           Ms. Mayeda Qavi/ Ms Khadija Safri

DAY 2:   28-06-2022 –SESSION 02 -  2:30 PM to 4:00 PM


v Award Ceremony


v Closing speech by the Principal, University Polytechnic, Incharge, Architecture Section.


Rounded Rectangle: Event dates: 27TH & 28TH OF June 2022
Venue: Architecture Section, University Polytechnic
All   the   students   who   are   interested   in participating in any segment   must submit   their   areas   of   interest    latest    by 24th of June 2022 to Mr.  Syed  Shoeb  Ayub & Ms.Shaheen



General Note: Participation is compulsory and highly encouraged for all the students of Architecture section and Interior Design as marks will be included in academics.




Organized by:  Architecture Section, University Polytechnic,AMU,Aligarh(India)