Electronics Engg Section Women’s Polytechnic


Dept. data last updated on :25/01/2023

Standard Operating Procedure


Purpose: The University Women’s Polytechnic library provides access to an extensive range of informative books, journals, newspapers and various resources to improve the knowledge and thought process of the academic fraternity and students. The aim of this SOP is to describe the activities carried out by institute library.

Scope: University Women’s Polytechnic library.


  • Hony. Librarian

  • Library Committee

  • Principal of the Institution


1.      Procurement of Books: All the Section In charges of the polytechnic are communicated to raise their requisitions for books based on the curriculum.

2.      Membership of the Library:
All the students of the college are members in the library as soon as they are enrolled into the courses offered by the polytechnic

3.      Discipline: It is mandatory to maintain silence in the Library and not to engage in conversation in any part of the library so as to avoid disturbance to other users.
Students shall not bring personal belongs inside the Library. The users should not tear pages or steal books.

4.      Maintenance of Books: Students as well as faculty members must handle books carefully and not displace books in racks located at its designated location. Borrower should not write upon, damage or mark any book belonging to University Women’s Polytechnic Library.

5.      Procedure for borrowing of Books: Books will be issued for a period of fifteen (15) days for Students and Diploma Engineering student have the book bank facility also wherein they can get the entire set of books for one academic session after making the required payment.

6.      Issue Time Regulations: Transactions are handled on all working days during 08:00 AM To 4:00 PM except Friday (8:00 AM to 12:30 PM)

7.      Accounting of Fine:Fine of Rs. 1/- will be charged on per book/day basis.


Purpose: The University Women’s Polytechnic has many classrooms including smart classrooms. The aim of this Standard Operating Procedure is to ensure cleanliness and regular maintenance of the classrooms in the polytechnic.

Scope: Classrooms of University Women’s Polytechnic

Responsibility: Concerned Staff


  1. Cleaning: The maintenance of Classroom is done on regular basis by the cleaning staff which is supervised by care taker of the institution.

  2. Classroom discipline: Any problem in the class room is reported to the Class teacher by students and the class teacher takes the problem to the section in-charge who in return brings the issue to the administrators and fixes the problem.

  3. Maintenance: Any technical faults encountered in the smart classrooms are reported to the concerned staff.


Purpose: The main objective of this SOP is to promote safe and secure working environment in lab. There are two main Labs in Electronics Engineering section: Electronics Communication Lab and Electronics & Electrical Workshop.

Scope: All laboratories of Electronics Engineering Section of University Women’s Polytechnic.

Responsibility: Respective Laboratory In- charges, Instructors and Attendant.


  1. Equipment Record: All equipment’s are registered in the stock register.

  2. Lab manual: The Laboratory manual includes working procedures which should be carried out in the laboratory.

  3. Safety: In case of fire mishaps fire extinguishers are to be used.

  4. Cleanliness: The floors should always be kept clean and dry. Keep the benches, chairs and apparatus at appropriate places while leaving from laboratories.

  5. Resource usage: The equipment used by the students while performing the practical are issued by the Teaching Assistant and collected back from students before leaving the lab.