Centre for Promotion of Educational and Cultural Advancement of Muslims of India (CEPECAMI)

Vision and Mission


  1. To be India’s leading education and research centre committed to the educational and cultural advancement of muslims of India.
  2. To provide policy advice to the government of India with regard to the welfare of minorities.   


    1. To develop a data-base of all minority institutions in India for providing career advice and guidance to students.
    2. To establish linkage with minority institutions all across the country.
    3. To study the policies and programmes formulated by government for the welfare of minorities and to monitor their implementation.
    4. To coordinate research, studies, surveys and other academic activities related to minorities conducted by various departments/centres of the University.
    5. To undertake research relating to the issues and concerns of muslims of India.
    6. To motivate the graduates of deeni madarsa for pursuing modern education.