Centre for Promotion of Sciences

Vision and Mission


To strengthen the cause of quality Science education in Deeni Madaris and Muslim Managed Educational Institutions and to create awareness about the importance of acquiring and creating scientific knowledge and its application.


1.        Sensitizing administrative heads of Deeni Madaris imparting religious education about benefits of introducing Science, Environmental Studies, English and Information Technology, in their curriculum.

2.        Training dedicated teachers for Deeni Madaris and Muslim Managed Educational Institutions for Capacity building by offering regular, capsule courses and designing courses for distance education for teachers training.

3.       Organizing workshops and conferences on science in different parts of country for teachers of Deeni Madaris and Muslim Managed Educational Institutions.

4.        Making science learning easy by translating books in Urdu and helping in the establishment of libraries, science and computer laboratories in Deeni Madaris.

5.        Mainstreaming graduates of Deeni Madaris by means of Bridge Courses that provide remedial/extra tutoring to prepare them for facing the competitive entrance examinations for different graduation courses offered at AMU and elsewhere.

6.        To search for Muslim talents for scientific research especially in Physical and Biological Sciences and to guide and help them in getting the required facilities.