Centre for Promotion of Sciences

Vision and Mission


  •  Producing dedicated teachers for Deeni Madaris and Muslim Minority Institutions.
  •  Sensitizing Administrative Heads of Deeni Madaris and Maullims imparting religious education about the need and benefits of adopting Scientific thinking, English and Computer literacy.
  •  Capacity building of teaching faculty of Deeni Madaris  by:Offering regular , Capsule Courses at the Centre.   Designing  courses for Distance Education.
  •  Organizing Workshops and Conferences on Science in different parts of country for teachers of Deeni Madaris and MMEIs.
  •  Developing our own basic science laboratory in the Centre.
  •  Organizing more scientific programmes for students of Deeni Madaris and Muslim Minority Institutions.
  •  Making science learning easy by translating more and more books (including NCERT books) in Urdu.
  •  Helping in the establishment of libraries, computer laboratories and Scientific laboratories in Deeni Madaris.
  •  Mainstreaming graduates of Deeni Madaris by means of Bridge Courses that provide remedial/ extra tutoring to  prepare them for facing the competitive entrance examinations for different graduation courses offered by A.M.U.



  •  To create awareness among Indian Muslims about the importance of acquiring and creating Scientific knowledge.
  •   To uphold the cause of high quality Science education in Muslim Managed Educational Institutions including the Deeni  Madaris .
  •  To search for Muslim talents for scientific research especially in Physical Sciences and to guide and help them in getting the required facilities.
  •  To undertake any activity conducive to the promotion of higher studies and research in Sciences among Indian Muslims.