Department of Agricultural Eco. & Business Mngt.

About the Department

Dept. data last updated on :06/04/2023

The Department of Agricultural Economics and Business Management was started in 1993-94 as a section of Institute of Agriculture and in 2000 it became a full fledged department under the newly established Faculty of Agricultural Sciences with following objectives:


* Imparting education in Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness Management

* Advancement of learning and persuasion of research in Agribusiness Economics and Management

* Creation and dissemination of knowledge of the Agribusiness for the benefit of rural people including farmers,

farm-women, emerging entrepreneurs and other associated segments of the society.



To strive as Centre of excellence in creation and dissemination of knowledge in Agribusiness systems for the benefit of all stakeholders including farmers, processors, emerging entrepreneurs and other associated segments of the society.



To prepare agribusiness managers, researchers and entrepreneurs, for undertaking leadership roles in the area of food and agribusiness with a sense of social responsibility, through advancement in research and innovations in curriculum development by collaborating with industry and academia at national and global level.

The objective of the program is to develop young students into competent professional managers who would make their mark and rise to become leaders of organizations and businesses in agriculture, food, rural, and allied sectors. The program caters to the needs of enterprises serving these sectors; both domestic and international market needs and span the entire agricultural value chain. The program specifically attempts to:

-- Encourage entrepreneurial spirit in students to make them effective change agents in agri-enterprise sector.

-- Equip students with requisite knowledge, skills, and attitude for managerial decision making and implementation in the unique context of agri-enterprises.

-- Develop in student's capabilities to become leaders and nurture in them a commitment for integrity and ethics induced by social purpose.

The program prepares the students for managerial and entrepreneurial careers in enterprises serving or dependent on agriculture and allied sectors. These enterprises may be engaged in activities such as production and marketing of inputs, production, procurement, processing, and marketing of output and providing services to agriculture sector.


The Department offers two years' 'M.B.A. (Agribusiness)' course with a core focus on agribusiness and developmental issues like Food Security and Sustainability. This post graduate program is aimed at crafting professional business leaders and entrepreneurs in the food and agri-business sector. The Agribusiness Management course teaches the application of business principles to real-world issues and opportunities within the agricultural and life sciences industries. The course pedagogy includes classroom interaction, case studies, industrial visits, market surveys and role playing. Eight week's summer training and a dissertation project are the essential components of the program.


This PG program allows students to face the challenges both in agricultural sciences and business situations, allowing students to adopt an innovative approach in their professional career. Blending managerial basics such as marketing, human resources, finance, accounting and quantitative with specialties related to the emerging food and fiber industry, the Agribusiness Management course is an exciting alternative to the traditional agricultural courses.


The Department also offers Ph.D. program in the areas of significance. There are 18 Ph.D. scholars engaged in research in the department. So far, 32 Ph. D.s have been awarded.


The department maintains a rigorous intellectual teaching process to mould the students to the standards of International level. A National conference was organized by the department in 2011-12 and anther one in 2012-13. The department organized One-Day International Workshop on Managing Research for Effective Outcome for research oriented minds on 6th August, 2018. The faculty is regularly attending national and international conferences, workshops and training programs to upgrade themselves and contributing research papers and articles in reputed journals and authoring books also.