Department of Anaesthesiology

Department of Anaesthesiology

Dept. data last updated on :17/02/2024


The Department of Anaesthesiology & Critical Care is commited to develop and maintain the department into an epitome of education, research and state of art clinical work in relation to patient care, where medical students are groomed into professionals with social and clinical sensibility and research-oriented mindset.


  • To train and prepare the students as excellent peri-operative physicians, who will be able to provide comprehensive health care to community.
  • To develop and build up work culture among students on an individual basis, able to provide the best outcome even in high-risk patients
  • To sensitize and nurture the aptitude for research among undergraduate and postgraduate medical students.


Was a part of dept. of Surgery since 1962

Established as a separate department in Nov 1981

Founder Chairperson: Prof. Tausifa Zameer Khan (1981-1993)


Former Chairpersons of the dept:

Prof Abdul Shakoor: Chairperson 1993-1996,

Prof M Masood Hasan Siddiqui: Chairperson 1996 -99, 2002- 03, 2006 - 09

Prof Shahjahan Bano: Chairperson 1999 -2000, 2003 -06, 2009 -12

Prof Shahla Haleem: Chairperson 2012 -15

Prof Abdul Quadir: Chairperson 2015 -18

Prof S Moied Ahmed: 
2018- 21

Present Chairperson: Prof Qazi Ehsan Ali: From Feb 2021 to Feb 2024


No. of Faculties: 15

Faculties with Specialised training: Critical Care Medicine, Cardiac Anaesthesia, Neuro-anasethesia, Paediatric anaesthesia, Pain management, Trauma management


Awards received by the faculties: Commonwealth Fellowship, Best Academician and Researcher, Dr Bhoj Raj award for best review article in IJA, ISA Presidents appreciation award for framing Difficult Airway module & ISA CPR guidelines, Certificate of appreciation from IMPACT INDIA FOUNDATION, National Academy of Indian Scientist Assistance, Dr. S. Radhakrishnan Distinguished Professor & Researcher Award 2023


Courses run by the Dept: MD


No. of PG Students in three years: 19 / year (MD) : 57


Teaching program in the Dept (8.00 am - 9.00 am): 5 days a week, Mon - Seminar; Tue -Clinical scenario; Wed- Journal & drugs / equipment, Thurs- faculty CCM, Sat -Case presentation/Mortality /morbidity


Teaching facilities in the dept: Smart class with fully automatic touch enabled Interactive Panel procured in 2023,  Basic and advanced manikins for CPR training, Paediatric CPR training manikins, Airway management Trainers, Lumbar epidural and Lumbar puncture trainers


Services delivered by the Dept (Clinical Material): Anaesthesia services to more than 12000-14000 patients per year, 12 bedded Intensive care unit, Pain management, Neuro anaesthesia, Cardiac anaesthesia, Paediatric anaesthesia, Anaesthesia for plastic and reconstructive surgery, GI surgery, Orthopedic surgery, Gynaecological & Obstetrical surgery, Ophthalmic surgery, ENT surgery, Dental Surgery, Monitored anaesthesia Care for CT scan, MRI, Code blue for CPR, Attends Distress call, Non-Operating Room Anaesthesia(NORA)


All Operation Theatre equipped with Workstation, Multichannel monitor, PNS, Syringe pumps, Bronchoscopes, Crash Cart, Difficult Airway Cart with various types of video laryngoscopes and recently procured AI aided Ultrasonography Machine in 2023.


Academic meet organised by the Dept: FCCS course, ACLS course, CME on Sepsis, CCAR course, ETAC course, Workshop on Mechanical Ventilation & Haemodynamic monitoring, Extension lectures by Alumni, Resource persons, ISACON UP State Chapter, USG workshop, Workshop on Interventional Pain management,

From February 2021, 

many more advances in the Department of Anaesthesiology have been made in terms of acquiring gadgets, sophisticated long awaited equipments like High end AI supported USG machine, establishment of a new Postgraduate skill lab with the support of JNMC & LSAS Project including a variety of mannequins with scenarios and other relevant equipments.

With the kind approval of the Honorable Vice Chancellor, a new space for construction of a much needed store room extension has recently been established.

Newer clinical facilities during this period includes increase in number of Operation Theaters like Urology OT, 1 more Ortho OT in a week. Moreover, one very relevant & recent branch of Anaesthetic facility has also been introduced in name of Non-Operating Room Anaesthesia(NORA) 3 days a week.

It is a matter of pride for the department that the number of surgeries have multiplied by 3 times during the current year compared to the earlier ones.

Guest Lectures International : 3

Guest Lectures National : 2

Extension Lectures Intra-departmental : 12

CME cum Workshop on Ventilatory Strategies, Management of Difficult Airway & Arterial Blood Gas Analysis on 17th & 18th December 2022

USG Guided Cadaveric Workshop on Nerve Blocks & Vascular Access on 28th January, 2024

Fellowships and Awards recieved by Faculties of the department from February 2021 to February 2024 :

Ashwamegh Emergency Medicine Fellowship : 2022 - Prof. Qazi Ehsan Ali

Dr. S. Radhakrishnan Distinguished Professor & Researcher Award 2023 - Prof. Qazi Ehsan Ali

Fellow of College of Anaesthesia, Ireland in 2021 - Dr. Abu Nadeem, Associate Professor

Fellowship in Paediatric Anaesthesia, PGICH in 20.01.2023 to 20.01.2024 - Dr. Nazia Tauheed, Assistant Professor

Diplomate of European Society of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care in 2023 - Dr. Manazir Athar, Assistant Professor

Fellowship in Perioperative Echocardiography in 2021- Dr. Manazir Athar, Assistant Professor

Outreach services: Difficult Airway workshop, Mechanical Ventilation, ABGA workshop, CPR Training, RRTC Programme, LSAS Programme


Courses developed: Comprehensive Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CCAR)


Land mark publications by the department:

1.QE Ali, SH Amir, S Ahmad.A comparative evaluation of King Vision video laryngoscope (channelled blade), McCoy, and Macintosh laryngoscopes for tracheal intubation in patients with immobilized cervical spine. Sri Lankan Journal of Anaesthesiology: 25(2):70-75(2017) , quoted in American Society of Anaesthesiologist- Difficult Airway Guidelines 2022

2.Qazi Ehsan Ali, Obaid Ahmed Siddiqui, Syed Hussin Amir, Mohd Nesar. Awake intuation in an immobile neck using Airtraq- A case report. Acta Anaesthesiologica Belgica 2012; 63: 135-137 rated among top 20 articles of the field.

3.Qazi Ehsan Ali, Syed Hussain Amir, Obaid Ahmed Siddiqui, Shaista Jamil. Airway management in severe post burn contracture of neck using Airtraq- a case series. Indian Journal of Anaesthesia 2013; 57: 620-22.

 4.Qazi Ehsan Ali, Obaid Ahmed Siddiqui , Syed Hussain Amir , Abdulla Zoheb Azhar , Kashif Ali. Airtraq® optical laryngoscope for tracheal intubation in patients with huge lipoma at the nape - a case report in Revista Brasileira de Anestesiologia 2012; 62: 5: 736-74 rated among top 20 articles of the field.

5.Qazi Ehsan Ali, Bikramjit Das, Syed Hussain Amir, Obaid Ahmed Siddiqui, Shaista Jamil. Comparison of the Airtraq and McCoy laryngoscopes using a rigid neck collar in patients with simulated difficult laryngoscopy. Journal of Clinical Anesthesia 2014; 26: 199-203 : USA

6.Qazi Ehsan Ali, Syed Hussain Amir, Uzma Firdaus, Abdulla Z Azhar. A comparative study of the efficacy of Pediatric Airtraq with conventional laryngoscope in children. Minerva Anaesthesiologica 2013;79:1366-70 : Italy

7.Ali QE, Amir SH, Siddiqui OA, Pal K. King vision video laryngoscope: A suitable device for severe ankylosing spondylitis . Egyptian Journal of Anaesthesia (2017) 33, 129–131, quoted in American Society of Anaesthesiologist- Difficult Airway Guidelines 2022

8.Emergency management of snake bite: Pearls from literature,

9. Difficult Airway Guidelines,

10. ISA CPR guidelines,

11. Comparison of the Airtraq and McCoy laryngoscopes using a rigid neck collar in patients with simulated difficult laryngoscopy

12. A comparative study of the efficacy of Pediatric Airtraq with conventional laryngoscope in children.

13. A remedy for difficult Fiberoptic intubation.


Recognised/Reputed Alumni of the department:

Prof Rashid M Khan

Dr Wasil Ali Sabzposh

Dr Tariq Ali

Dr Poonam Malhotra

Dr Jytosna Punj

Dr Harsh Sapra

Dr Jasbir Chabra

Dr Wasim ul Huda

Dr Danish Siddiqui

Dr Tazeen Beg

Dr Praveen Maheswari

Dr Parul Maheshwari

Dr Sabihul Islam

Dr Jyotishla Pal

Dr Muzammil Shafi