Department of Bio-chemistry (Life Sciences)

Post Graduate

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Criterion for the admission in M.Sc. programme is as follows:

B.Sc. (Hons.) in Biochemistry / Medical Biochemistry / Clinical Biochemistry / Molecular Biology/ Immunology / Microbiology with 55% marks in Biochemistry as well as in aggregate.


B.Sc. with Biochemistry as one of the subjects in all three years (with equal weightage) with 60% marks in Biochemistry as well as in aggregate.




M.Sc. Biochemistry Educational Objectives and Program Outcomes

Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs):

  • excel in career involving higher order and challenging tasks.

  • be able to do analyses, research and innovation in their work.

  • effectively lead and work in a team in professional environment, demonstrate professional integrity and feel responsibility towards society and country.


Programme Outcomes (POs):

Students should develop:

  • the ability to apply and possess scientific knowledge of fundamental and advanced areas in Biochemical sciences.

  • the skill to critically analyze, evaluate the results obtained and be able to implement the solution.

  • the talent to acquire and analyze knowledge from research material in order to innovate and contribute to the available knowledge.

  • the expertise to use and apply modern tools and methods in solving biochemistry-based problems.

  • the ability to work in collaborative manner and to utilize opportunities arising by working with others.

  • the ability to work on a project using project management principle, and to provide leadership to team and project.

  • the skill to express and communicate effectively while carrying out discussion, making presentation, writing report etc.

  • an appreciation of the need to learn and update continuously with the changing technology and be able to adopt new knowledge.

  • an understanding of professional and ethical responsibility.

  • the capability of working independently and in a team.