Department of Electrical Engineering

Joint Project

Dept. data last updated on :01/06/2023

Center of Excellence for Charging Infrastructure for Electric Vehicles

PI: Dr. M. Saad Alam

Co-PI: Dr. Yasser Rafat

Funding Agency: Department of Heavy Industries, Government of India under FAME India Mission

Amount: INR 720 Lakhs

Solar PV Based Wireless Charging for Electric Vehicles

PI: Dr. Yasser Rafat

Co-PI Dr. M. Saad Alam

Funding Agency: DST under IMPRINT Scheme

Amount: INR 53 Lakhs

An efficient solar PV based hybrid multi-output converter for standalone application

PI: Raj kumar Yadav
Co-PIs: Dr. Chandra Prakash Jain Dr. Adil Sarwar Dr. Mohammad Asim Dr. Dipti Saxena 
Funding Agency: World Bank through TEQIP III CRS ID:1-5759258051 
Amount: INR 13.72 Lakhs

Development of high gain DC-DC converter for solar PV application

PI: Tasaduq Hussain
Co-PIs: Dr. Adil Sarwar and Dr. Mohd Tariq
Funding Agency: World Bank through TEQIP III and BGSBU 
Amount: INR 3.00 Lakhs

Performance Analysis of Multiphase Matrix Converters

PI: Tasaduq Hussain
Co-PIs: Prof. Imtiaz Ashraf and Dr. Adil Sarwar
Funding Agency: World Bank through TEQIP III and BGSBU
Amount: INR 3.00 Lakhs