Department of Electrical Engineering


Dept. data last updated on :02/06/2023

Standard Operating Procedures

I - Governance of the Department

The Department is headed by a Chairperson who is appointed as per the AMU ordinances. There are five groups in the department and each group is headed by an Incharge. 

Groups are as follows:

  • Power System Engineering Group
  • Power Electronics and Machine/Drive
  • Instrumentation and Control
  • High Voltage Engineering
  • Solar and Renewable Energy
  • General Group
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The Teaching Load is prepared by each group and placed before the Board of Studies of the Department where it is discussed and approved.

Internal and External Examiners, Moderators, Re-evaluators, Scrutinizers and Tabulators are also approved by the Board of Studies of the Department.

Various Committees as under deal with the academic matters of the Department. The recommendations of these Committees are perused and approved by the Board of Studies of the Department.

Committees are as follows:

      • Departmental Research Committee

      • Load Allocation Committee

      • Question Paper & Result Moderation Committee

      • Curriculum Development Committee

      • Website Management Committee

      • NAAC Accreditation Compilation Committee

      • IQAC Data Compilation Committee

      • Purchase Committee

      • Next Five Year Development Plan Committee

      • Student Grievance Redressal Committee

      • First Aid & Fire Extinguishing Committee

      • Alumni Relations Committee

      • Career Counseling Committee

      • Anti-Ragging Committee

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II - Laboratories in the Department and Laboratory Supporting Staff on roll

The Laboratories of the Department are broadly classified into two groups - Teaching-Learning Laboratories and Research Laboratories. Some research laboratories/facilities are housed as a section or part of teaching laboratories and some are housed separately. These Laboratories are as under:


      • Electrical Machines Lab
      • Instrumentation Lab
      • Simulation Lab
      • Control Lab
      • Power Electronics Lab
      • Power System Lab
      • High Voltage Lab
      • Non-Conventional Energy Lab
      • SCADA Lab
      • Research Lab
      • Dielectric Lab
      • HIL Lab
      • Advanced Power Electronics Lab
      • Virtual Instrumentation Lab

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III - Seminar Library

The Seminar Library provides access to an extensive range of informative resources like books, journals, and access to a wide range of resources to improve the knowledge and thought process of the academic fraternity and students.

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IV - Departmental Hygiene

Hygiene standards are been maintained and cleaning of the Class Room, Laboratories, Office, Staff chambers is carried out on regular basis.

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V - Industrial Visits/ Conferences and Workshops

Department regularly organizes industrial visits, conferences, and workshops visits for the students.

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VI - Procurement and maintenance of Goods/Items/Equipments

Department follows the standard and the prescribed procedure for the procurement of the goods, items, and equipments for the laboratories. A regular and systematic record of the equipments is maintained in each laboratory.

General Finance Rule (GFRs) 2017

Manual for Procurement of Goods 2017

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