Department of Hindi


Dept. data last updated on :26/05/2023

Standard Operating Procedures


 Language Lab 

      The Department of Hindi has a language lab which is open to faculty members, research scholars, postgraduate and undergraduate students. The lab is used to promote teaching and learning skills of Hindi language. It also works as a training platform for research and development activities. The Lab computers can be accessed by all faculty and students of the Department. 2. Language Lab has Twenty computers, One colour Printer, One Projector and One Public Address System. 3. Twenty people can sit together for their work at the same time. 4. The software installed in the computers are licensed and the Department follows the standard procedure of procurement and usage in line with the Central Computer Centre of the University.

Seminar Library 


The Department of Hindi has seminar library. Thirty Postgraduate students can sit in Seminar Library at a time . Approximately Eight thousand sixty books are available in the Seminar library of the Department . The Seminar Library books are cataloged with Accession number for each in line with the procedure followed by the Moulana Azad Library of the University.

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

Seminar Library


1. Seminar Library is well-stocked with Eight Thousand books.

    2. Facilitates faculty and students of the department who would like to use the facility.

   3. Books are catalogued with accession numbers for each, in line with the procedure followed by the 

       Maulana Azad Library of the University.

  4.Books can be accessed/borrowed by showing valid identity cards issued by the University.

 Prof HL Sharma Shodh Kaksh

Prof. Harbansh Lal Sharma Shodh kaksh Donated by Prof.Manisha Rani Sharma W/o Prof.K.M.Mishra to the Department Prof Harbansh Lal Sharma Research Room is for all research scholars of the Department. Fifty research scholars can sit at a time together for their study. This room is fully air conditioned .


Prof Shiv Kumar Shandliya Shodh Kaksh 

Prof. Shiv Kumar Sandiliya Shodh kaksh Donated by W/o Prof. Shiv Kumar Sandiliya to the Department Prof Shiv Kumar Shandilya Research Room is for research scholars and other students. This room is used for organizing literary and research activities programme for research scholars and other students. Approximately Hundred students can sit together in 'Prof Shiv Kumar Shandilya Research Room. This room is fully air conditioned. This room has a Public Address System also .

 Office of the Chairman

There are six office staffs for the smooth functioning of the official works of the Department of Hindi. 2. Two Xerox machine, One printer and Three computers are available in the Department for official works.

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

Office of the Chairman


1. The office of the Department of Hindi is engaged with providing all required support to the faculty, students and supporting staff to ensure the smooth functioning of the department.

 2. The office overall supervises all administrative work(s) under the direction    of the chairperson.

3.  It maintains all accounts in accounts books, purchases from GEM, Letter drafting, typing, received and dispatch letters.

4.  Process UGC Non-NET and other fellowships for the Students   .

5. Collects the attendance records of the undergraduate and postgraduate students of the department and maintain the records of the leaves of faculty.

6.  The office collects all records of examinations, award lists and dispatches for result processing to the office of the controller of examinations.

7.  Provides support for all Departmental Entrance Tests and Admissions.

8. Conducts Physical verification of all department’s physical assets and maintains the stock register.

9. Responsible for updating the department Web page under the guidance of Chairperson.

10. Ensures the running of the departmental multimedia portals, emails &  whatsapp messages.

11. Maintains records for circulation of all internal mails, notices, circulars and office memo from the office of the Chairperson.