Department of Ilmul Advia

Post Graduate

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Ilmul Advia (Unani Pharmacology)




Refer to Admission Guide for B.U.M.S. 


Refer to Admission Guide for B.U.M.S. 


  1. As Faculty Member Teaching in Unani Colleges / Academic Institutions. 
  2. As Research Officer in Academic Labs, R&D / GMP Companies, ASU Drug Manufacturing Companies etc.
  3. As Research Officer in Projects or Programs at National or International level organizations.
  4. As Scientific Officer at Government or Non-governmental organizations.
  5. As Medical Officer at various National or International Health agencies.
  6. At Health Centers.
  7. At Private sectors as Physicians in Corporate Hospitals.
  8. Self-employment.


P-1                  Usool-e-Tahqeeq wa Hayati Shumariyat (Research Methodology and Bio-statistics)

P-1.1               Research Methodology

PEO 1.1          To produce Unani post-graduates with sound theoretical knowledge of Research, through basic understanding of better research approach in their studies

P-1.2               Bio-statistics

PEO-1.2          To develop analysis and design skills to solve actual research problems with accuracy through practical and managerial skills for better employability

P-1.3               Experimental Pharmacology and Clinical Research

PEO-1.3.1       To produce Unani Medicine (UM) post-graduates for validating and developing Unani Medicine (UM) and other Traditional Medicine (TM) and Natural Product treatments, as well as for helping in the greater popularization of Unani treatments by showing the activity of Unani drugs according to the parameters accepted by present-day mainstream, namely, molecular effects

PEO-1.3.2       To produce teachers and trainers for imparting the knowledge and skills of updated research methodology for undertaking the validation and development of UM, TM and Natural Product treatments.

P-2                  Usool wa Qavanin-e-Advia

PEO-2             To produce Unani post-graduates with sound knowledge of principles of Unani drugs starting from the process of collection of raw materials and manufacturing standard formulation up-to their safe and effective application.

P-3                  Ilm wasful Aqaqeer (Pharmacognosy)

PEO-3             To impart scientific and systematic study of the structural, physical, chemical and sensory characters of crude drugs, WHO guidelines for GACP, process of plant tissue culture and phyto-chemical based analysis and detailed introduction according to phyto-chemistry for their better scope in Identification of Crude drugs.

P-4                  Advia Murakkabah Ma’ Jadeed Izafat

PEO-4             Adequate detailed knowledge of Unani Compound formulations as per Guidelines of Pharmacopoeia including recent research updates to post graduate students.

P-5                  Advia Mufradah Ma’ Jadeed Izafat

PEO-5             To impart learning and understanding of Single Unani (Mufrad) drugs to post graduate students.

P-6                  Afa’lul Advia (Pharmacology)

PEO-6             To produce Unani Medicine (UM) post-graduates having theoretical knowledge and practical research skills of Modern Pharmacology to correlate drug effect as seen in Western Medicine on the basis of their molecular effects with the Unani view of drug effects on the basis of Mizaj, Surah Nawiyah, Af’al etc.

P-7                  Tibbi Kemiya wa Mayar Bandi (Medicinal Chemistry and Standardization of Unani Drugs)

PEO-7             Students will utilize the physico-chemical, phyto-chemical and instrumental techniques in the research on Unani drugs to make them more uniform in efficacy and safety.

P-8                  Saidla wa Taklees

PEO-8             Comprehension of the principles and practices of Unani Pharmacy


  • Student will be able to devise feasible and optimal research methodology based on Unani principles for any study design with professional and ethical learning.
  • To make them aware about various classical and modern instrumental techniques for standardization, pharmacological and pharmacognostical studies of Unani drugs.
  • To develop creative thinking and understanding of the knowledge of Unani single and compound drugs with the help of Interdisciplinary research, and their application in various health ailments.
  • To develop a sound knowledge and practical skills for conducting experimental (animal) and clinical pharmacological research particularly on Unani Medicine (UM) and other Traditional Medicine (TM) treatments and Natural Products in academia, pharmaceutical industry and research and policy-making institutions.
  • To provide in-depth knowledge based on Unani principles, which can be used in the emerging diseases as well, by correlating the symptoms.
  • To enable them to have exhaustive knowledge of drugs and their mechanism of action in present day health-care scenario so that Unani drugs with similar role but more healing ability and safety may be identified and developed in future.