Department of Ilmul Advia

Thrust Area

Dept. data last updated on :30/11/2021


  • Pharmacological, Pharmacognostical and Standardization of Unani Drugs (as Identified by the U.G.C.).

  • Anti Hepatitis 'B' Drug development by Research Project of Preventive, Curative & Regenerative aspect for Liver.

  • Anti-Arthritic Unani drug development.

  • Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial of Unani Formulations on Chloasma/Melasma.

  • Development of Standard Operational Procedures (SOPs) Standard Manufacturing Processes, Pharmacopeial Standard Stability and Shelf Life of Some Unani Formulations under UPC.

  • Scientific study of Cardiovascular drugs, Non-invasive B.P. studies, animal models using Langendorff apparatus DAS  .

  • Scientific studies for drug-receptor activities, isolated organ bath.

  • Scientific study of Unani drugs on Rheumatoid arthritis, Osteo-arthritis, Gout

  • Clinical studies on Skin diseases

  • Antimicrobial studies of Unani Single and Compound drugs.

  • Nephro-protective studies of Unani drugs.

  • Studies on Neurological disorders on animal models.

  • Anti-oxidant studies of Unani single and Compound drugs.