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The Department has Published the first issue of its Research Journal titled " Indian Journal of Communication Review" March, 2013.

Publication of Faculty Member in 2012-13

Dr. Shafey Kidwai:

1. "Awadhi that Binds Together" included in the book, A Leaf that Turned Yellow edited by Muzaffar Ali, Bloomsburry, 2013.

2. Readings in Literature and Journalism: The Indian Perspective (In press) Cambridge University Press.

3. Regular writeups on media culture and literature that appear in the Friday Review, The Hindu.

Dr. Pitabas Pradhan

1. Pradhan, P. (2013, March). NICTs, Individual Privacy, and Media Accountability, International Journal of Communication Development, vol.2 (4):23-33.

2. Pradhan, Pitabas (2013, March). What drives media reporting of crime: decoding the journalist-public perception, Indian journal of Communication Review, vol 1(1): 65-91

3. Pradhan, Pitabas (2013, May). New media impacts on journalism: Revisiting the dynamics of news production, Media Watch, vol 4(2):175-191

4. Pradhan, Pitabas (2012, July-Sept) The Moral Basis of Censorship in Cinema in an Age of Digital Communication- A Study Among Select University Communities of India, Media Asia, Singapore: AMIC, vol.39 (3):164-172.

5. Pradhan, Pitabas, (2012, Dec) Cinema Censorship in the Age of Digital Communication, Communicator, ol.XIII(1):57-79.

6. Pradhan, Pitabas and Fawad Hussain (2012) Trends in Reporting of Crime in The Mainstream print media- Content Analysis of the Times of India and the Hindu, Indian Media Studies Journal, vol 4-6(1-2):116-131.

7. Pradhan, Pitabas, (2012,Jan-June). The Malaise of Paid Content and the Need for Greater Accountability, Media Watch, vol.3(1):12-18.