Department of Oral Pathology/Oral Medicine & Radiology


Dept. data last updated on :07/09/2021


SOP of Oral Medicine OPD-All patients having dental problems of Aligarh & surrounding districs as well as refered patients from PHC & Dental clinics were thoroughly examined in Oral Medicine OPD by expert Oral Physician (Faculty members of departments) and dignosis were made keeping all protocol provided by MOH & Govt Of India.

The medicinal & noninvasive  treatments were carried out and patients requiring specific dental procedures were refered to different dental OPD.

Specific dignosis procedures were carriedout such  as screening by Velscope for early detection of mouth cancer.Also some other non-invasivwe treatment modilities such as TENS & Photodynamics therapy carriedout in same OPD.

SOP of Oral & Maxillofacial Radilogy -All patients requiring Dental & Maxillofacial Radiographs were carried out by expert & exprienced radigraphic  technicians.

Both convetional and digital intra & extra Oral radiograph were done here. Specialised Radiographs such as OPG,lat.Ceph and differnt TMJ view were performed under supervision of Oral & Maxillofacial Radiologist.

SOP of Oral Pathology Lab-Histopathological studies of Oral & maxillofacial lesions were performed in Oral Pathology lab by expert & exprienced Oral & Maxillofacials pathologists(Faculty members of departments).