Department of Periodontia & Community Dentistry

Thrust Area

Dept. data last updated on :19/03/2024

Research areas

RESEARCH THRUST AREAS IN PERIODONTOLOGY  Local drug delivery  Periodontal medicine  Herbs in plaque control  Periodontal plastic surgery  Regenerative materials in Periodontal therapy  Bone grafts. 


* Studies of the association of periodontal disease with systemic diseases, including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, stroke, osteoporosis, and respiratory infection

* Studies of the use of growth factors including PDGF and bFGF to regenerate periodontal ligament, cementum, and bone around periodontally diseased teeth, and to regenerate bone around implants and in surgical defects

* Study of PRP and PRF in periodontal regeneration.

* Genome-wide association studies of periodontal disease

* Studies of salivary and serum biomarkers of disease.

* Study of correlation between psychological and nutritional status with periodontal disease

* Assessment of anxiety level of Patients suffering from periodontal diseases.