Department of Physiology

About the Department

Dept. data last updated on :25/03/2023

The Department of Physiology is the primary department to have been started when J.N. Medical College came into existence on 2nd October 1962. . Prof. J.N. Prasad, M.D. (Physiology), M.S. (Ophth) joined the department as Chairman along with Dr. Wajihul Hasan, MBBS as a demonstrator. Physiology Department is shifted to the present building in June 1971 from the old building of the Department of Physics of the Aligarh Muslim University. 150 students in MBBS and 40 BDS students are admitted every year since 1996 and are undergoing teaching/training in Physiology.MD and Ph.D. (Physiology) was started in 1973. Every year 5 Post Graduate students are admitted. The degree of MBBS and MD Physiology is recognized by the Medical Council of India.

There are three laboratories namely Human, Haematology, and Mammalian/Amphibian for the UG and PG students as recommended by the Medical Council of India. The main field of research in the department is on clinical physiology. The Department has produced one Ph. D. (Physiology) and 44 MD (Physiology) since 1973.

The department of Physiology adopts a blended approach in imparting medical education which is open to newer concepts in medical education as well as retaining the time-tested teaching-learning principles. The departmental faculties have their expertise in areas like autonomic function testing, electrophysiology, exercise physiology.

The Faculty members are actively engaged in research work and have published more than 250 papers in National and International journals. The faculty of the department has received National level awards in cardiovascular and Medical Education.

Many teachers are honored by the international fellowships of different countries to attend conferences and workshops related to physiology and Medical Education.

Department also provides Neurophysiological support to the hospital patients in form of Nerve Conduction Studies (NCS), Brainstem Evoked Response Audiometry (BERA), Electromyography (EMG) and Visual Evoked Potential (VEP). The Department has recently started Computer-Assisted Amphibian Lab (CAAL), inaugurated by Hon'ble Vice-Chancellor Lt. Gen. Zamir Uddin Shan.


  • To carry out world-class scientific research and quality teaching, expanding on our track record of innovation and excellence in both research and teaching.

  • Provide an environment that permits faculty, staff, and students the opportunity to further develop their professional skills and expertise and realize their potential as educators.
  • The promotion of disciplinary and interdisciplinary research and learning that will foster the creation of new knowledge.


  • To be recognized as the foremost educational arena in physiology, preparing undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as research scholars to take their places as leaders in the medical and allied health professionals & academia.

  • Achieving excellence in learner-centered academic experiences that enhance health in the global community.

"Integrating Life Sciences from Molecular and Cellular mechanisms to the Organism"