Department of Physiology

Other Committees

Dept. data last updated on :25/03/2023


The following faculty member has been appointed as the member of the Departmental Research Advisory Committee.

  1. Prof. Meenakshi Gupta - Head of the Committee
  2. Dr. S. Aijaz Abbas Rizvi
  3. Dr. Gul-Ar-Navi Khan
  4. dr. Anwar Hasan Siddiqui

Responsibilities of the Research Advisory Committee:

To review the research proposal and finalize the topic of research.

To guide the Post Graduate/Ph.D scholars to develop the study design and methodology of research.

To periodically review and assist in the progress of the research work of the research scholar.

Post Graduate Student Grievance Committee

In compliance of letter no 1006/FM dated 09.11.22 from Dean, Faculty of Medicine, the following members have been assigned to the Post Graduate Grievance Committee.

  1. Prof. Meenakshi Gupta (Chairperson)
  2. Prof. Mohd. Aslam
  3. Dr. Shah Mohammad Abbas Waseem
  4. Dr. Ahmad Faraz