Department of Psychology

About the Department

Dept. data last updated on :10/06/2023

The Department of Psychology is one of the oldest departments of the university. Initially located in the department of Philosophy it became an independent department in 1964. It was under the leadership of Prof. Anwar Ansari that the department marched ahead with its scientific temperament and in the days to come the department assimilated the contemporary with the traditional knowledge. Initially, the areas of social psychology, personality, clinical psychology, educational psychology, industrial psychology, and experimental psychology came to the fore, and during the course of time new areas of humanistic psychology, health psychology, and spiritual psychology also got incorporated into the curriculum.

The research profile of the department is quite impressive. Researches have been conducted in the area of personality and social psychology along with Organizational Behavior, Clinical Psychology, Positive Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Health Psychology, and Spiritual Psychology. Academic deliberations on key issues are held regularly and conferences and workshops are organized to disseminate and exchange information. In the year 2012 University Grants Commission, New Delhi provided assistance to the department of psychology at the level of DRS-1 for five years (01-04-2012 to 31-03-2017) under the Special Assistance Programme (SAP) in the thrust areas of Spiritual Psychology, Well-Being, and Human Development.

The Alumni of this department are spread across USA, Saudi Arabia, UK, Italy, Australia, Germany, Iran, Bahrain, Qatar, Jordan, Nigeria, Kenya, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand.


Ø    To be a premier center of excellence in Psychological Studies and Research at the national level.

Ø    To be a hub of Professional Psychologists in Behavioral Skills.


Ø To Make teaching and learning more academically enriching and life satisfying.

Ø To Promote appropriate analytical skills among students for scientific analysis and its application at various levels of learning.

Ø  To prepare students for a successful career in applied psychology.

Ø  To bring about a positive change in our high-quality research through sharing facilities and knowledge with reputed psychological institutes.

Ø  To grow as a human resource development program center in Counseling.

Futuristic Plan

Ø  To have Collaborations with Government and Non-Governmental institutions in diversifying the experiences of students.

Ø  To establish a leading center for the development and standardization of Psychological tests.

Ø  To start publication of Departmental Journal.

Ø  To Start a Post Graduate Diploma in School Counseling.

Ø  To establish toll-free helpline counseling services.

Ø  To start a Post Graduate Diploma in cognitive behavior therapy for common Mental Disorders.

Ø  To initiate short-term courses in Psycho-diagnostic and clinical assessments.