Department of Psychology


Dept. data last updated on :22/09/2021

SOP of Seminar Library

The Department of Psychology maintains standard operating procedures for optimum utilization of its resources. 

  1. The Seminar Library books are catalogued with Accession numbers for each, in line with the procedure followed by the Maulana Azad Library of the University.

  2. The Department has a Seminar Library with approximately five thousand booksfor facilitation of both faculties and students. The faculty members, research scholar, postgraduates and Undergraduate students of the Department can use the books as per the Seminar rules. 

  3. In addition to access to all books of the Seminar, a section of books and materials specially allocated for postgraduate and undergraduate students, in line with the M.A and B.A curriculum for NET/JRF and other competitive exams preparation. These books can be accessed/borrowed by producing valid identity cards of the University.

SOP of Post Graduate Lab

The Department of Psychology has two well established P.G labs for experiments.

  1. Postgraduate and undergraduate students have access to instruments for conducting experiments and getting first hand training as 

  2. Research scholars, postgraduate students and undergraduate students have access to all psychological test for measurement of 

  3. Everyone can use/issue instruments/psychological test as per the rule of P.G. lab.

SOP of IT Lab

1.     Only bonafied students/scholars are allowed to use the I.T. Lab.

2.   All the Research Scholars and Post Doctoral Fellows are required to make an entry in the Log register every time before using systems and accessing internet in the I.T. Lab.

3.      Food, drinks and refreshments are Not Allowed in the I.T. Lab and strictly prohibited.

4.      Shouting, loudly talking, use of cell phones or listening to music is strictly prohibited in the I.T. Lab.

5.      You are Not Permitted to Install, Modify, Delete or Copy any software/file on I.T. Lab Computes.

6.      You are Not Permitted to create folder on I.T. Lab Computers.

7.      You are Not Permitted to connect any infected external device to I.T. Lab Computers.

8.      Equipments in the I.T. Lab may not be removed, modified, relocated or disassembled without permission of the I.T. Lab Incharge.

9.      The I.T. Lab resources are prohibited from usage for any illegal or disruptive purposes.

10. Displaying of offensive graphic images or videos by way of Internet browser is Not Permitted. Browsing and downloading movies, online chatting, playing games are also Not Allowed.

11. Be considerate to other users in the I.T. Lab.

12. Problems related to I.T. Lab hardware and software should be reported to the I.T. Lab Incharge immediately.

13. Users are expected to keep the I.T. Lab neat and tidy and if needed, should clean up the area around the Computer used before leaving.

14. Users are required to shut down the computers before leaving the I.T. Lab.

15. Do not use this space for accessing objectionable sites. Anyone found guilty will incur heavy penalty.

16. We need to solicit your support to make this endeavor a success.