Department of Saidla

Important Laboratories

Dept. data last updated on :15/03/2023


Dept. of Saidla have well equipped labs for research, teaching and training of PG and UG students

01. Pharmacy and Drug Testing lab

02. Research Lab

03. Saidla Lab for UG Students

1. Pharmacy and Drug Testing lab:

This Laboratory is utilized for

  • Introduction of the new pharmaceutical manufacturing technologies and design, various cost effective suitable dosage formulations.
  • Modification of traditional Unani dosage forms into most suitable and convenient form and standardize them.
  • Cosmaceuticals development
  • Stability and Shelf life studies of crude drugs and finished products.

2. Research Lab:

Research Laboratory is utilized to conduct:-

  • Post-Graduation Departmental Research work
  • Various interdisciplinary research projects
  • Sponsored research from various Govt. Funding Agencies and Pharmaceutical industries.
  • Qualitative and Quantitative estimation of crude drugs and formulations of Unani system of Medicine.
  • Physicochemical analysis of single drugs along with formulations.

3. Saidla Lab :

  • This will be well equipped with traditional and modern machinery. 
  • This lab is utilized for drying, powdering, grinding mixing of drugs for making medicinal pastes, pills, tablets, Majoon, khamirajat, kustajat, jawarishat etc.

List of equipments in the laboratories of Dept. of Saidla.


2. Spectrophotometer

3. Lyophilizer (Freeze dryer)

4. Humidity and Temperature Control Cabinet

5. Tablet Making Machine

6. Pill Making Machine

7. Compact Deluxe Laboratory Centrifuge

8. Grinder for Stones/ Marwarid with Keora

9. Machine for Making Medicinal Paste

10. Magnetic Stirrer with hot plate digital speed indicator

11. Thin layer Chromatography kit

12. Traditional Furnace Chamber

13. Soxhlet's Apparatus

14. Vertex Shaker

15. Boiling Point/Melting Point Apparatus Digital

16. Capsule Filling Machine

17. Conical Percolators

18. Computers

19. Digital Bulk Density Apparatus

20. Digital Electric smoother

21. Digital Kharal

22. Digital P.H. Meter

23. Digital Refractometer

24. Digital Water bath

25. Disintegration Test Machine (Single Basket)

26. Dissolution Rate Test Apparatus (Single Stage)

27. Distillation Apparatus

28. Double Distillation Apparatus

29. Emulsifier/Homogenizer

30. Friability Test Apparatus (Double Drum)

31. Grinder

32. Hammam Maiyah

33. Heat Rack for Lyophilizer

34. Heating Mantle with energy regulator

35. Hot Air Oven

36. Hot Plate Rectangular

37. Laboratory mass mixer electrically operated

38. Mesh of different size

39. Muffle Furnace

40. Nal Bhabhka

41. Oil extractor

42. Ointment slabs and spatula porcelain

43. Paper chromatography cabinet for 4 filter papers 46x57 cm

44. Pills and stick Making Machine

45. Pulp Extractor for Amla & Other Fruits

46. Pulverisers

47. Qara Ambiq

48. Refrigerator

49. Rotary Flask shaker

50. Rotary Vacuum Flash Evaporator

51. Table Top Sieve Shaker

52. Tablet coating pan unit with hot air blower (Laboratory Size).

53. Tablet counting device

54. Tablet Hardness Tester (Pfizer type)

55. Tareeque Lolabi

56. Viscometer Red wood

57. Wet Grinder

58. Traditional pharmaceutical equipmets like Kharals, Hawan dasta etc.