Department of Sanskrit

Post Graduate

Dept. data last updated on :30/11/2022


M. A. Sanskrit


Sanskrit Literature 






Regular Classes


Administrative Services, Archaeological Services, Teaching, Very useful for Computers


  • To make the students familiar with the most ancient language and literature of the world.

  • To make the students be acquainted with the Vedic Literature, Etymological meanings of Vedic words and meaning of hymns in proper perspective. 

  • An independent paper titled “Ecology, Ethics and Scientific literature has been introduced keeping in mind the decay in moral values in present society and repeated ecological disasters all around the world.

  • To make the students be acquainted with the historical writings in Sanskrit which give us the most authentic information about the ancient & medieval India.

  • To make the students be familiar with Pali and Prakrit language and literature.

  • To make the learners be acquainted with the different branches of classical literature such as Sanskrit prose, poetry, champu,  drama etc.

  • To enable the learners with the basic concepts of six systems of Indian Philosophy.

  • To equip the students with the principles of Sanskrit Grammar which is considered to be most scientific and brief.

  • To equip the students with the ancient and modern methodologies of research.

  • Viva- Voce is conducted to examine how far learners have been able to express their thoughts in Sanskrit and also determine how much proficiency they have attained in different texts they have been taught.


  • To Inculcate in students the high moral values those have been displayed by different characters of the Sanskrit works.

  • After going through the texts of Indian Philosophy, students will be in a position to develop the power of analytical thinking know the truth and attain the ultimate goals of life.

  • After the completion of this course, students will be acquainted with the ancient Indian History and Culture through the oldest literature of the world i.e. Vedas.

  • Learners will be inspired & guided by the valuable teachings & moral lessons of lord Buddha and Mahaveera Jina through the study of Pali and Prakrit Language & Literature.

  • Students will be able to know how ancient seers had an attitude of reverence towards the nature and followed the principle of live and let others live peacefully in a world free from ecological disasters such as like global warming, earth-quack, tsunami, landslides etc.

  • The learners will get a glimpse of the scientific advancement in ancient India.

  • Students will know how to conduct different kinds of research as in various branches of Sanskrit literature employing modern as well as ancient methodologies of research using different tools of research.

  • Learners will be in a position to understand, write and speak Sanskrit correction.

  • Learners will be eligible to apply for different jobs in various areas such as teaching, administrative services, selected jobs in Indian Army, translating and news-anchoring.