Department of Shia Theology

Alumni Relations

Dept. data last updated on :28/11/2021

Alumni Relations Committee

With the reference of the letter LD No. ( C ) / 5704 dated 26.05.2017 of Registrar. An " Alumni Relations Committee " is constituted of the following. Which will constitute of following members :

 1 .. Prof. Syed Ali Mohd. Naqvi

 2 Dr. Syed Mohd. Asghar (Nodal Officer)

 3. Dr. Syed Tayyab Raza Naqvi

 (Nodal Officer)

 4. Mr.Asghar Ajaz

 5. Mr. Hadi Raza 

Following is the duty of the committee With the help of Office, Prepare a report at the end of each year about the Student Leaving.