Department of Shia Theology


Dept. data last updated on :03/12/2021

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

                  Department of Shia Theology

Aligarh Muslim University

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

Office of the Chairman

The office deals with daily Dak disposal, daily receive and dispatch, correspondences with functionaries of the University, disposal of RTI Applications, convening Local Selection Committee, teaching allocations through Board of Studies and other Teaching and Research related issues as received time to time. The office also maintains the record/personal file of teaching and non-teaching staffs of the Department.

Office Timings from 08:00 am to 04:00 pm (lunch break between 01:30 pm to 02:30 pm) Monday to Saturday except Fridays. Friday Timings from 08:00 am to 12:30 pm.

Work Distribution

The Office has a total of 3 Non-teaching staff who work under the direction and guidance of the Chairperson.

1.     Mr. Yunis Salim, deals with the Teachers, Research Scholars and Students. He also manages admissions, examinations, official departmental correspondences, and other administrative work. And oversees the Accounts of the Department and takes care of the cleanliness of all the buildings including washrooms, maintaining the lawn, seminar library.  

2.       There is 2 MTS staff Mr. Afzal Ahmad, and Mr. Imran Ahmad, who maintains cleanliness of the Office, faculty chambers, and classrooms. Seminar library.

                  Department of Shia Theology

Aligarh Muslim University

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

Standard Operating Procedures for Classrooms

1.   All Class Rooms are cleaned every day before the classes     commence.

2.  The Class Rooms are well knit and lighting facilities are regularly      inspected.

3.   Each class room has white board.

4.   Chamber of each teacher also has whiteboard.

5.  Some Class rooms are ICT enabled. LCD projectors are used to aid and improve the teaching-learning process.

Standard Operating Procedures for Student Mentoring

As per the decision of the Board of Studies of the Department there is a policy for students Mentoring/Tutorial Programme for the advance and slow learners.

The mentoring or tutorial group consisted of 4 to 5 students in each course opted by the students and assigned a teacher for further intensive study using different learning tools.

This provides different atmosphere in comparison to classroom teaching, where a student opens up and share his/her ideas more freely.

There used to be meeting of course teacher and mentor/tutorial teacher twice in a semester, which discuss the progress of the student in the particular course of study.


                 Department of Shia Theology

Aligarh Muslim University

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

Standard Operating Procedures for Career Counselling

1.     There is an advisor for each semester of each programme of studies.

2.     Students are advised to meet their advisors before selecting any course in their respective programme of studies.

3.     The career counselling is routinely carried out by the Career Counselling Committee of the department and experts are also invited occasionally.

Standard Operating Procedures for Cleanliness

1.  Cleanliness of the premise of the department is maintained through duly appointed Safai Karamchari.

2.  Strict schedules for cleaning corridors, Stairs, Student Seminars, etc is adhered to.

3.    Washrooms are cleaned regularly.

                 Department of Shia Theology

Aligarh Muslim University

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

Standard Operating Procedures for the Library

STEP 1:  Purchase of Books

1.     Submission of list of books recommended by the teachers of the department and students to the library.

2.     Recommendations are checked by Library Staff for duplicate, availability, etc.

3.     Recommended books are approved by Chairperson.

4.     Finally, approved books are purchased by Maulana Azad Library.

5.     Physical verification and checking of books received against the    order.

6.     Accessioning of books in the accession register of Maulana Azad Library as well as in the register of the Departmental Seminar Library.

STEP 2: Technical Processing

1.     Technical processing of the books including classification and cataloguing   is done.

2.     Physical Processing of the books including pasting of property slips,   placing the bar-coded tags and stamping is carried out.

3.    Then the books are placed in shelves according to their classification number by the library staff.

Stock Verification of Library Books

1.    Check card are issued to library staff for writing of accession    number on them.

2.    Staff note down accession number of books on check card for each book staff allotted to them.

3.    While noting the accession numbers, books are physically checked and if the book is damaged/beyond repair is taken out of shelf.

Issue Policy of Library Books

1.     Academic Staff: Books issued for 14 days

2.     Non Academic Staff: Books issued for  2 days

3.     Academic Staff max. book issued: 10 books

4.     Non -Academic staffs max. book issued: 02

5.     Research Scholars: Same day

6.     PG Students – Same day

Max. Book issue limit:

7.     Research Scholars:05

8.     PG Students-02

Return Policy of Library Books

1.   In case of loss or damage: a borrower has to submit latest edition of the   book lost or bear cost of the book

2.   Academic Staff has to return books within 14 days

3.   Non-Academic Staff within 2 days

4.   Research Scholars has to return books same day

5.   PG Students has to return books same day

Standard Operating Procedures for Students Seminar

1.   The department has a Seminar Room exclusively dedicated to the Post-Graduate Students.

2.   To Study in the Seminar students may get books from the departmental library.

3.   Some useful books are also kept in the Seminar Room for the students that are available to them round the clock.

4.   This Seminar is managed by a Secretary and Joint Secretary appointed by the Chairperson from among the students.

5.   The secretary used to be the topper of the III semester and the Joint Secretary used to be topper of the Ist Semester.

6.    Regular cleaning is carried out in the Seminar.

Standard Operating Procedures for Departmental Computer Laboratory

1.     The computers are issued from the office.

2.     Serial number of issued computers are entered in the register.

3.    A number is assigned to each computer against their serial number.

4.     The students duly enter the Check-in time and Check-out time.

5.     The computers are maintained on a regular basis.

6.     Dusting of Computer lab. is carried out on a regular basis.

Standard Operating Procedure for Facilitating Handicapped Students

1.      The building of the department is disabled friendly with rails and ramps

2.     Braille Software/facilities are available in the Braille Section of the Maulana Azad Library

3.      Scribes for examination are provided