Department of West Asian Studies and North African Studies

Thrust Area

Dept. data last updated on :14/02/2023


Ph. D/ M.Phil Thrust Area

i) Historical and Cultural Evolution of the Region

ii) Political Development and Geo-Politics of the Region

iii) Conflict and their resolution in West Asia

iv) Socio Economic Development and Economic Reforms in West Asia

v) Hydro-Carbon and Energy Studies in West Asia

vi) International Trades and Commerce

vii) Demography & Health in West Asia

viii) Human Resource Development and Social Change

ix) Agriculture and Food Resources

x) Major Themes in Literature

Conflict Resolution and Peace Studies Programme------Thrust Area

1. The Post-Cold War Developments and Conflict Resolution

2. Globalization and Economic Liberalization Maghreb Project

3. Indo-West Asian Relations: Economic, Political, Social and Strategic.

4. Geo-Strategic Environment and India's Security Interest with special reference to South Asia & Sub-Saharan Africa.

The Programme is developed on 4 Axis

Axis 1 :Conflict Prevention & Resolution : Governance Related Issues

Axis 2 :Ethnicity & Ethnic Conflicts .

Axis 3 :Post Cold War Negotiations & Conflict Resolution.

Axis 4 :Conflict and Peace Making in West Asia.