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    Materials and Corrosion


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    Time-Table 2021-22


Dr. Mohammad Mobin, Professor at the Department of Applied Chemistry, Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Aligarh Muslim University is an internationally acclaimed researcher in the field of Materials and Corrosion. He obtained his PhD in Chemistry in 1988 from Aligarh Muslim University and subsequently joined as Lecturer and later promoted to Professor in 2005. In the year 2001, Dr. Mobin joined foreign assignment at Corrosion Department, Seawater Desalination Research Institute, Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC), Al-Jubail, Saudi Arabia. At SWCC, during the period 2001 to 2006, he worked as Corrosion Researcher and carried out industrial, academic and Root Cause Failure Analysis/Trouble Shooting projects and pilot plant studies with reference to corrosion problems in world’s largest desalination and power plants and water transmission/storage systems. Prof. Mobin has also undertaken MHRD, Government of India, 3 weeks Leadership for Academicians Programme (LEAP) training held at IIT(BHU) Varanasi (Dec 08, 2019 - Dec 21, 2019) and at the University of Cambridge, UK (Jan 19, 2020 - Jan 25, 2020) designed for the purpose of preparing senior Faculty for future governance roles as leaders in academic institutions. In April 2022, Prof. Mobin was shortlisted by the search committee for the post of Vice-Chancellor, University of Kashmir, Srinagar. Prof. Mobin has supervised 17 PhD, 2 M.Phil and 12 M.Sc. Tech students, authored 180 research papers and contributed 37 Book chapters in books from ACS, Wiley, Elsevier, Springer, RSC and De Gruyter. Prof. Mobin has also completed 39 research projects (04 industrial,07 academic and 28 root cause failure analysis/trouble shooting projects) including two projects under international collaboration (AB Alvenius Industrier, Sweden and EBARA Research, Japan) and one research project is under progress. He has also attended 36 conferences/workshops in India and abroad. He has also delivered keynote talk/invited talks/technical lectures in India and abroad and evaluated a large number of PhD thesis and research projects from Indian and foreign academic institutions. Dr. Mobin was awarded the NIIS (NACE International India Section) corrosion awareness award in the year 2007 and NIGIS Meritorious Contribution Award 2022 (AMPP India chapter) for his meritorious contribution in the field of Corrosion Science & Technology. He has also held various administrative positions like Chairman of the department of Applied Chemistry (2009, 2012-2015, 2019-2021), Vice-Chairman, Alumni Affairs Committee (2019-continuing), founder Coordinator, University Sophisticated Instrument Facility (2011-2013), Provost of a residential hall for students (2006-2009), Deputy Proctor (2006) Superintendent of Examination (2010-2011) and Member-In-Charge (AMU Press) (2009-2010). Dr. Mobin has also served as member of statutory bodies like Executive Council (2007-2009), Academic Council (2007-2009, 2012-2015, 2019-2021), AMU Court (2007-2009, 2015) and Board of Studies of different departments.

Key Publications

1.  M. Mobin*, R. Aslam, R. Salim, Savaş Kaya, An investigation on the synthesis, characterization and anti-corrosion properties of choline based ionic liquids as novel and environmentally friendly inhibitors for mild steel corrosion in 5% HCl, Journal of Colloid and Interface Science (Elsevier), 620 (2022) 293-312, 10.1016/j.jcis.2022.04.036. Impact Factor 9.965

2.  R. Aslam, M. Mobin*, J. Aslam, A. Aslam, S. Zehra, S. Masroor, Application of surfactants as anticorrosive materials: A comprehensive review, Advances in Colloidal and Interface Science, 295 (2021) 102481, Impact Factor 15.19

3.   R. Aslam, M. Mobin*, Huda, M. Shoeb, M. Murmu, P. Banerjee, Proline nitrate ionic liquid as high temperature acid corrosion inhibitor for mild steel: Experimental and Molecular-level insights, Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry (Elsevier), 100 (2021) 333-350, Impact Factor 6.76

4.  M. Shoeb, M. Mobin*, M. A. Rauf, S.M. Adnan, M.Y. Ansari, Graphene Nickel-Copper Nanocomposite (Gr@Nicu Ncs) as a Binder Free Electrode for High Energy Density Supercapacitor and Antimicrobial Application, Journal of Materiomics (Elsevier), 7(4) (2021) 815-827, DOI:10.1016/j.jmat.2020.12.008. Impact Factor 8.589

5.   M. Mobin* and R. Aslam, Experimental and theoretical study on corrosion inhibition performance of environmentally benign non ionic surfactants for mild steel in 3.5% NaCl solution, Process Safety and Environmental Protection (Elsevier), 114 (2018) 279-295, DOI:10.1016/j.psep.2018.01.001 Impact Factor 7.926

6.  M. Mobin* and M. Rizvi, Polysaccharide from Plantago as a green corrosion inhibitor for carbon steel in 1M HCl, Carbohydrate Polymers (Elsevier), 160 (2017) 172-183, DOI: 10.1016/j.carbpol.2016.12.056. Impact Factor 10.723

7. M. Mobin* and M. Rizvi, Adsorption and corrosion inhibition behavior of hydroxyethyl cellulose and synergistic surfactants additives for carbon steel in 1M HCl, Carbohydrate Polymers (Elsevier), 156 (2017) 202–214, DOI:10.1016/j.carbpol.2016.08.066. Impact Factor 10.723

8.  M. Mobin* and M. Rizvi, The inhibitory effect of Xanthan gum and synergistic surfactant additives for mild steel corrosion in 1M HCl, Carbohydrate Polymers (Elsevier), 136, 384-393 (2016). DOI: 10.1016/j.carbpol.2015.09.027. Impact Factor 10.723

9.   N. Iqbal, M. Mobin & M.Z.A. Rafiquee, “Synthesis and characterization of sodium bis(2-ethylhexyl) sulfonsuccinate based tin (IV) phosphate cation exchanger; selective for Cd2+, Zn2+ and Hg2+ ions” Chemical Engineering Journal (Elsevier), 169 (1-3), 43-49 (2011), DOI:10.1016/j.cej.2011.02.048. Impact Factor 16.744

10. M. Mobin*, A. U. Malik, & I. N. Andijani, “The Effect of heavy metal ions on the localized corrosion behavior of steels” Desalination (Elsevier), 217, 233-241 (2007), DOI:10.1016/j.desal.2007.03.005. Impact Factor 11.211

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