Prof. Mohammad Tabish

    M.Sc, Ph.D.




    Transcriptomics, bioinformatics





Research interest: The regulation of human gene expression is known to be an extraordinarily complex process, including transcription, mRNA processing, mRNA transport, mRNA stability, mRNA translation, protein modification and protein stability. Alternative splicing of a single pre-mRNA can give rise to different mRNA transcripts consequently, generating protein diversity from a single gene. In humans, it is estimated that more than 70% of human protein coding genes undergo alternative splicing. Alternative splicing is found extensively in all higher eukaryotes. We are working on different class of genes (protein kinase A, neurotransmitter receptors, cancer associated genes etc.) which generate multiple transcripts after transcription and alternative splicing of their respective pre-mRNA. We also study the transcript isoforms and encoded proteins that are differentially expressed in different cell/tissue types. Teaching interest: Biotechnology, molecular biology and bioinformatics.
  1. Publication
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