Prof. Haris M. Khan

    MBBS, MD(Microbiology)




    Parasitology, Nano-Microbiology, Immunology, Bacteriology, Hospital Management


    4/1075, Sir Syed Nagar, Aligarh





Actively involved in under-graduate and post-graduate teaching and research in the Department for the last 28 years. Also holds the position of vice-president of UP Chapter IAMM. Fields of interest include Parasitology, Nano-Microbiology and immunology. Guided 40 MD thesis and 3 PhD Microbiology thesis. Over 126 research publications in reputed national and international journal and have authored 13 chapters in various books. Presently working on the project  "Comparison of molecular heterogenicity of HBV patients with those co-infected with HIV"

  1. Publication

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