Prof. Shamim Ahmad

    Ph.D.,"DAAD Fellow (W. Germany) , "JSPS" Fellow (Japan), "ROYAL SOC. London"Fellow (UK),"DAAD"Fellow (Germany),"TUBA" Fellow (Turkey) and "SAIA" Fellow (Slovak Republic)




    Ocular and Clinical Microbiology


    "Micro Villa" Wadi-e-Ismail, Near Ibrahim Mosque Gate #1, Dhorra, Aligarh-202002,UP,India





    Time Table

  1. Dr. Shamim Ahmad (Life Time Achievement Awardee,USA) is a well known distinguished personality in the field of Microbiology since 1975At present, he has been serving as senior most  Professor  of  Microbiology,  Officer In-Charge (Head) Microbiology Section  and Gandhi Eye Hospital campus, Institute of Ophthalmology, J.N. Medical College , Faculty of Medicine , Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh ,India since January,10,1983 beside simultaneously  working as Member,  Management Board, JN Medical College ,General Superintendent(Chief) of Examinations of the Faculty of Medicine at AMU. Prof Ahmad has also successfully served his University on various administrative and academic positions as Facilitator for Internal Quality  Assurance Cell “IQAC”AMU, Manager Ahmadi School for the  Visually Challenged (Blind), Teacher In-charge of Departmental Sections,Clinics and Laboratories, Central Library,Faculty of Medicine and Scrutinizer of Controller of Examinations of his University. Beside, he was deputed   to serve as Faculty for more than 5 years abroad at reputed Medical Colleges ,Faculties of Medicine in Libya and as well as Saudi Arabia. After earning his Ph.D. degree in 1982, he obtained his Post Doc. training in various Departments of clinical and Applied  Microbiology atleast at 7 Universities of  world repute in 6 countries, being accordingly recipient of at least 6 International Fellowships including "DAAD (W.Germany) , "JSPS"(Japan)"ROYAL SOC.Lonndon" (UK), "TUBA" (Turkey) and "SAIA" (Slovak Republic). Beside, regular Undergraduate (MBBS) and Post Graduate (MS & DO) medical students and   some Professional Courses (DOA) teaching , he has been actively engaged in the teaching & practical Classes of some of  M.Sc., M.Phil. and Ph.D. programs in India and abroad . Professor Ahmad's  research work mainly involved Multi-resistant Eye Pathogens including Super Bugs MRSAs and their alternative treatment with newer anti-bacterial and innovative natural products especially the "Honey". Dr Ahmad has a credit of publishing  number of research  papers,including conference papers in India and abroad ,books and  Book -Chapters and has Supervised /Co-supervised  of about at least 52 theses students for their Ph.D. and M.S. degrees ,having being visited about 33 countries for  academic purpose. Currently, Prof. Ahmad is honored to be Organizing Committee Member (OCM) of various Internal Conferences beside being member in the Editorial team including Chief Editor of at least 87 International Journals of world repute.