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About Sarojini Naidu:

Poet, freedom-fighter, activist, orator and administrator, Sarojini Naidu also remembered as ‘The Nightingale of India’ is one of the most revered personalities of the twentieth century. Sarojini Naidu was one of the first women to participate in India’s struggle for independence from the British. She was the first female president of the Indian National Congress and after independence she became the first woman Governor of Uttar Pradesh.

Introduction of the Hall:


The Hall was named after the well-known freedom fighter and first lady Governor of a state in Independence India, Sarojini Naidu. Sarojini Naidu Hall was established in 1970, with the aim of providing accommodation to the girls studying in Aligarh Muslim University. 

SN Hall has a main hostel and two annexes

•Nurse’s Hostel

•PG/ Moin-ul-Haq hostel 

The hall accommodates students of


•P.G. Diploma Medical, Diploma in Nursing

•B.E., Diploma Courses (Womens' Polytechnic)


•M.Sc. (Biotechnology)


The hall provides  a disciplined life , peaceful environment for studying , cultural awareness and quality of self-reliance to the students.

India has diverse multi-cultural and multi- religious heritage. Sarojini Naidu Hall upholds this priceless tradition and takes utmost care to develop the ethnic values in the students. In every year SN Hall organises various celebrations, events and activities likes cultural activities, sports, debates and declamation in its efforts to develop and promote socio-cultural talent in the students.

 Fooding of students is under special concerns as ‘Healthy mind resides in healthy body’. Meals served to the students are of good quality cooked and served under hygienic conditions. Food and menu is designed keeping in mind the students coming from different regions and their likings. Special dishes are also provided on special occasions.

SN hall has taken strict measures to ensure the safety of its students. The hall is secured by high boundary wall with barbed wire to prevent unauthorised entries. At entrance CCTV camera have been implemented to ensure the safety of the residents. The resident warden is also present to look after their needs and security within the hostel premise. The hostel administration ensures that all works are attended to as per the check list on routine maintenance and cleanliness. Regular supervision of the hostels is being carried out by all wardens. Our Hall provides newspapers, magazines and religious books in the reading room. 

Our Vision

We envision an inclusive vibrant and safe hostel facility for our  residents to set them up for academic & professional excellence.

Our Mission

1. To provide healthy, secure and eco-friendly environment.

2. To uphold highest standards of accommodation with a clean & well maintained infrastructure.

3. To ensure a healthy dining experience at nominal prices.

4. To foster among students from different communities, creeds, languages & cultures of India, the spirit of fellowship and the sense of unity amidst diversity.

Future Goals

1.  Renovation of the building

2.  Provision of well-furnished guest rooms

3.  Creation of on-site self-sustainable garbage disposal

4.  Upgradation of online portal of S.N. Hall for student services

5.  Library Facility

6.  IT equipped reading room

7.  Upgradation of Sports facility

8.  Expansion of office space