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Aligarh Muslim University is one of the best Universities offering higher education in India to a large section of students having from different states of India as well as from all over the world

In 1875 Sir Syed Ahmad Khan (the father of Aligarh movement) laid down the foundation of the Madarsatul Uloom in Aligarh and patterned the MAO College after Oxford and Cambridge Universities. The foundation stone of Mohammadan Anglo Oriental College (MAO) Aligarh was laid by Lord Lytton in 1877. The MAO College subsequently raised to the status of Aligarh Muslim University in 1920.

Sir Syed Ahmad khan is one of those great thinkers, philosophers; social reformers and revolutionaries who had dedicated his complete life for nation and especially for the betterment of the community. Therefore Mahatma Gandhi quoted him as "Sir Syed was a Prophet of education".

Sir Syed Ahmad Khan was one of those early pioneers who recognized the critical role of residential life in modern education. He always recognized the relevance of residential facilities for the empowerment of the poor and Backward Muslim Community. His dream was to establish a campus with hostel facilities. In view of the above Kacchi Barack was constructed in 1882 to provide residential facilities to the students of MAO College. The Kacchi Barack is presently Sir Syed Hall (North).

In the beginning 12 Rooms was built in 1880 hence it was called Pakki Barack. There after more students enrolled as a result Kacchi Barack was constructed to the North of Pakki Barack.

Thus MAO College had two square shaped adjacent campus. The southern portion was named after Sir Syed and the northern area was named after Syed Mahmood. Presently these portions are respectively called as Sir Syed Hall (South) and Sir Syed Hall (North).

Sir Syed Hall (North) along with South is the Heart of the University. To Begin with it has initially  served as the campus of MAO College. All the Departments such as Faculty of Law, Commerce, Social Science and Arts etc. operated from the premises.

Sir Syed Hall (North) has the privileges of being the first Hostels (Provost) of the Historians (Mohammad Habib), Geographers (S.M.Shafi) and other prominent personalities.

Up to 1984 it was the Common Hall and called Sir Syed Court and Syed Mahmood Court. There after it bifurcated in to two parts Sir Syed Hall (North) and Sir Syed Hall (South). The first Provost of Sir Syed Hall (North) was Prof. Nazmul Hasan and present Provost is Prof.K.A.S.M.Ishrat Alam who carrying forward the rich legacy of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan.

Some Historically important Buildings are in the premises of Sir Syed Hall (North) i.e. Strachey Hall, Library (Reading Room) & Common Room with a Billiard Room, etc.

Bab-e-Ishaque- The main entrance Bab-e-Ishaque was erected in the North East of Sir Syed Hall (North). It is the main entrance and was named after Nawab Mohammad Ishaq khan, Secretary of Trustees.

Strachey Hall- Sir Syed vision was to give MAO College a look of Cambridge and Horward. Strachey Hall was a first Building to come up on the Campus. it was completed in 1885 and named after Sir John Strachey. It is in the South of Sir Syed Hall (North).

Lecture Theatre- In 1887 Sir Syed Ahmad Khan establish a Lecture theatre named after Mohammad Hamidullah Khan. Presently one of its room is used for the purpose of Billiard Room. 

Western Gate- A gate was built to the west of Strachey Hall in 1890 and it was named after Syed Mohammad Hasan Bahadur (C.I.E).

Eastern Gate- In 1891 another gate was built to eastern side of Strachey Hall and was named after Lawrence (Collector of Aligarh).

Lecture Theatre- In 1892 another lecture theatre was built with the donation of Nawab Mohsinul Mulk Maulvi Syed Mehdi Ali Khan. 

Library- A Library was also constructed adjacent to lecture theatre.  It was called Mehdi Manzil. Presently one of the portions of Mehdi Manzil is used as T.T Room and Carrom Room. 

Aasman Manzil- Nawab Mohd Azhar uddin Khan Bahadur Sir Aasman Jahan (C.S.I.) Hyderabad came to Aligarh on 24th July 1888. For the co-memoration of his visit a Building named Aasman Manzil was erected to the west of Strachey Hall.

Museum- A Museum was constructed adjacent to the Aasman Manzil named as Nizam Museum. This was built with the donation collected from Hyderabad. In 1908 this Museum was destroyed by a flash of lighting. Presently some portion of Nizam Museum is used as Reading Room for the students.

Barkaat Ali Khan Lecture Room- It is situated in the west of Strachey Hall and was completed by 1902. 

Mushtaq Manzil- It was completed in 1910 in the west of Strachey Hall. Presently one of its rooms is used as Generator Room. 

Aadam Ji Peer Ji Building- It was constructed in the Mahmood court which is presently functioning as Provost Office of Sir Syed Hall (North).