Viqarul Mulk Hall

Scholarship Awardees

ZulfiqarSheth, A student of MA (Economics) was selected to participate in the Community College Initiative Program of the US department of state and awarded full scholarship to study at Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA), Annandale, USA in 2011.


At Northern Virginia Community College,He has completed Project Management and Business Information Technology with perfect GPA (4.0/4.0). Apart from study he was interning at the Near East South Asia (NESA) center for strategic studies, National Defense University, Washington DC and was involved in various co-curricular and community services activities. He has participated in dozens of international conferences and represented Aligarh Muslim University and Indiaat United nations, World Bank, International Monetary fund and World Health Organization. He was also invited to participate in 2011 Joint Annual meetings of World bank-IMF board of governors at Washington DC. MrSheth was also invited to attend budget speech of President Barack Obama at Annandale and he has shared dais with him. He was founder president of the Indian students Association at Northern Virginia Community College. To recognize his achievement Northern Virginia community college honored him with 2012 Student Excellence (SEAL) Award. This award was given to him for his exemplary performance in Services, Excellence, Academics and Leadership.