Games Committee

Games Committee

Sports and games have been a very distinctive feature of Aligarh Muslim University right from the days of MAO College. The College was known not only for its high academic standards but also for excellent performance of its sportsmen in various games and sports events. From its very inception, the university has been a nursery of outstanding sportsmen and players, and it has maintained this interest and tradition with fervor.

In AMU sports and games activities are organized under the patronage of University Games Committee with Vice-Chancellor as Chairman, & Secretary & Presidents of Clubs, who are members of teaching staff. The University Games Committee consists of 15 main clubs & sub clubs. AMU has given the country some of the best sportsmen of national and international fame.

The Cricket club is the oldest one and was established in 1878. AMU is the only central university in the country with a 125 years old Riding Club which has a riding squad with 19 horses. The Riding club members have won several All India Prizes in different competitions.

The University has separate fields for cricket, hockey, football, tennis, riding and athletics. Indoor facilities like billiards, chess, carom, table tennis, swimming and badminton are also available for boys and girls students separately.

As for players Ghouse Mohammad learnt his tennis at Aligarh & Wazir Ali, Lala Amarnath, C.S. Naidu, Jahangir Khan, Ali Hasan, Mohammad Salahuddin and Mushtaq Ali their Cricket.   

Among Olympic hockey players, Abdul Qayyum, Akhtar Husain Hayat, Ali Saeed, Anwar Ahmad, Asad Ali Kidwai, Aslam Sher Khan, Dorai Swamy, B.P. Govinda, Inamur Rehman, Jogender Singh, Mosood Minhaj & Zafar Iqbal were students of AMU.

Syed Afsar Husain, an Aligarian was the Asian Yachting Champion. Karim Shelly, Mahmood Khabbazi, Jamshed Nasiri, Majid Bashkar, Ahmad Sanjari, and Ali Khodai made a name in football while Ranvir Singh, Mazhar Khan, Mohammad Ishtaq and Sarohi excelled in Athletics.

Presently the University runs the following Clubs

1. Riding Club

2. Hockey Club

3. Tennis Club

4. Football Club

5. Gymkhana Club

       a. Volleyball Club

       b. Badminton Club

       c. Basketball Club

       d. Table Tennis Club 

6. Gymnasium Club

        a.  Skating Club

      b. Physical Culture Club (Weight Lifting, Power Lifting & Body Building)

      c. Wrestling Club

7. Hiking & Mountaineering Club

8.  Swimming Club

9. Athletic Club

10. Cricket Club

Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton & Table Tennis are also Hall Games