Innovation Council

Patents Cell


In order to promote filing of patents the Innovation Council constituted Patents Cell. The Patents Cell shall maintain a directory of patents filed by the University teachers, students etc. and provide necessary information, facilitate prospective innovators in paperwork including financial help in filing patents. The Patents Cell shall regularly report its activities to the Innovation Council.




1.   Prof. Prof. Sartaj Tabassum, D/o Chemistry                              Convener

2.   Prof. M.S. Jameel Asghar, D/o Electrical Engg.                         Member

3.   Prof. Iqbal Parvez, D/o Zoology                                                Member

4.   Dr. Asad Ullah Khan, Interdisciplinary Bio-Technology Unit       Member

5.   Dr. Jawed Talib, D/o Law                                                          Member

6.   Dr. Ghazala Parveen, Women's College                                     Member