Innovation Council and University Incubation Centre

Rules Governing Award of Prizes

Standard Operating Procedures(SOP)

Outstanding Researcher Award


Young Researcher Award

  • Inviting nomination/application on prescribed proforma: 1st July of every year

  • Last date for submitting nomination/application: 30th July every year

  • Constitution of scrutiny committee by the Vice-Chancellor: 1st week of August every year

  • The scrutiny committee member must not be an applicant himself or any of his close relatives should also not be an applicant.

  • If it is observed during scrutiny that more than one applicant are competing for the award and they are from widely different discipline then two step assessment will be followed.
    The scrutinized application in the first step will be assessed by the specialized external expert of each discipline. The Innovation Council will try to get detailed comments on each application from these experts which will be sent to the external Jury for final assessment. The criteria for selection of external expert will remain as that of the external Jury detailed below.

  • Preparation of the panel of external Jury by the Innovation Council by 2nd week of August every year

  • External Jury must fulfil the following criteria:

  1. Should not be an alumnus of AMU

  2. Must not have served AMU in any capacity

  3. Must not be a collaborator with any faculty of AMU (He/she should not have published any paper/book chapter/books etc.  as co-author with any AMU faculty in last ten years.)

  4. Should be a senior Professor/Scientist (G) or higher cadre

  5. Should be preferably an academic fellow of impeccable integrity serving in high ranking institutes.

  • Obtaining approval of the panel of External Jury by the Vice-Chancellor by 31st August every year

  • Sending scrutinized application to at least two external Juries by the first week of September every year.

  • Receipt of recommendation with specific comments from the external Juries by 1st week of October

  • Final approval of the results from the External Juries by the Vice-Chancellor taking everything into consideration including Departmental Record

  • Announcement of the Awardees by the PRO/Media Committee

                                               RULES GOVERNING  BEST INNOVATION OF THE YEAR PRIZES

1. University students and the University School students shall apply on the prescribed Proforma for the Award of Best Innovation of the Year Prize and submit in the office of the Chairmen/ Coordinators/ Principals to participate and display/ showcase their innovation in the Sir Syed Innovation Fair.

2. The Vice-Chancellor shall constitute a committee of three eminent persons who shall make recommendations for the two prizes in the afore-mentioned two separate categories.

3. The prizes shall be given away each year on the Sir Syed Day (17 October).

4. In case the Committee does not find any work being displayed worthy of being given prizes, no prize for the Best Innovation of the Year Prize shall be given in that category in that year.