Students' Counselling Centre

Students' Counselling Centre

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We are a team of professional counsellors, faculty advisors and empathetic students to assist you emotionally and academically.

If you are facing any difficulty you can always approach us for individual mentoring.

Students Counselling Centre, AMU, Aligarh has been established in November,2014, where the then Vice-Chancellor of A.M.U Retired Lieutenant General Zameer Uddin Shah had taken personal interest in the setup of the Centre. The Centre has been established by keeping in mind the problems of students, particularly the newcomers. Our youth are the most vulnerable section of the society and can be easily misled, trapped and resort to undesirable activities. In such a situation, the Centre can play a vital role to channelize the energy of students in a positive and constructive manner. 

The goal of the Students Counselling Centre is to help each student in becoming an effective functioning individual who is equipped with personal-social skills, able to adapt changing life demands, possess a variety of coping skills, problem-solving and decision-making capabilities.

AMU is a premier academic institution and so providing academic help forms an integral part of the work undertaken by the Counselling Centre. The Counselling Centre organizes numerous sessions throughout the academic year aimed at sensitizing the campus community on issues related to mental health, emotional quotient and general well-being. Sessions are also aimed at acquainting students about various internship opportunities and promoting student interaction among each other.

A total of 884 undergraduate and postgraduate students were referred from 2015 to 2019 and given an average of 8 sessions per student. Students are either self-referred or referred by their peers or academic teachers. The referral trends have shown an upward trend since 2014.

The centre’s main areas of activity are awareness, prevention, individual and group psychological support, crisis intervention,  volunteering and outreach.


The student Counselling Centre initiated a peer support group, whereby supervised psychology research students provide support to fellow students in crisis. The centre encourages students to become active citizens of the society and help others in need.


  • To develop an experienced and well-rounded team of counselors and psychologists.

  • To prepare thousands of AMU students experience life in its fullness and achieve success in a global, technological world.


  • To provide a variety of counseling services to AMU students to help them navigate the uncertainties and challenges of life and alleviate and their personal distress and suffering.

  • To provide a safe place where students are seen and heard.

  • To aid in the emotional and psychological development of students in the university environment.

  • To enhance the academic and personal experiences of all AMU students.


We believe that every human being is





Coordinators List

  1. Prof. Shah Alam
  2. Prof. Mohd Ilyas Khan
  3. Prof. Akbar Husain
  4. Late. Prof. Kr. Sajid Ali Khan
  5. Dr. S. Reshma Jamal



Contact with us on; for telephonic and internetcounselling:-


0571-2700094 (External)

4445 (Internal)