Students' Counselling Centre



About Counselling Agreement

All students who use the Student Counselling Centre will be required to sign a Counselling Agreement form. This Agreement lays out the framework for the services offered  in the Centre and helps to find an agreed way of working together. The form  gives detailed information of the principles and practices which underpin the Counselling Agreement. The Centre will always offer the students a choice in the way they wish to work with: 1:1 work, workshops, therapeutic groups, or supported self help programmes. 

About our Counsellors

All of our counsellors will have to receive sufficient training and experience to work with clients within the service, and receive supervision on a regular basis. All of our counsellors are accountable to the service for the quality and appropriateness of the work they offer. If students wish to change counsellors the Centre will always endeavour to accommodate them.

About record keeping

All the communication with the students and a record of every session will be kept notes of, along with any other relevant correspondence concerning the client (such as letters to us from counsellor at the department and University levels etc.) These are kept in a confidential file (either on computer or in paper form) which is kept securely under the guidelines laid down by the SCC.

About the Students’ Feedback 

The Centre is always happy to receive feedback about the services and students will be asked to complete an evaluation at the end of their work with the Centre. Information from the feedback form will be used to improve our practice and may be reproduced in our reporting to the university.